Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My world these days...

Last week the retirement center invited us to the opening of the refurbished frail care center. The proceeds from the dance held in October last year, along with generous donations helped to make this facility one of the most modern and the homeliest in the Eastern Free State. 

Rina and I (and several other ladies) were asked to bring eats: Rina made her famous chocolate cake and I made a plate of cream puffs. Before we set off, we asked Erica to take a photo of us. 
Rina and I in my front doorway before going to the function at the old age home 
The table was laden with delicious cakes, tarts and savories
I'd convinced Grant that he should attend as he was one of the donors and also invited! Here he is with our erstwhile neighbor, Pienkie and MIL, Pam
Waiting for the function to begin, you could indulge in a glass of sherry or fruit juice
Gradually guests and residents arrived
Sr Christa explaining something to Heather and [another] Christa
Grant and Edwin wait patiently for the snacks!

Phillip (known fondly as Flip) finally arrived from his butcher business in town and started the proceedings
Flip and his wife, Hester realized in 2000 that the retirement center needed a frail care unit. Here, though he sang the praises of the professional staff and their caregivers who have revamped and refurbished the unit into a state-of-the-art yet homely haven for the frail and aged
A few jokes keep the residents and visitors connected!
Rina, I, Hester (the admin manager) and the two sisters helped the old ladies with their eats. The men and able-bodied younger women helped themselves
Sr Christa and Christa deep in conversation

Grant and I had to get back home for another appointment so Sr Luette offered to take us on a tour of the frail care unit.
This is the welcome sight which greets visitors to the MGO  (Marquard Community Center) area. When we visit MIL Pam and the other five octogenarians, we turn right down the passage
This room has been added to accommodate the very ill and (dare I say it) dying. The other patients become most agitated when a terminally ill person and their families gather around in the general ward

Sr Luette showed us the air mattress which prevents the bedridden patients from developing bedsores
The neat and well-stocked linen room off the first ward
The beautiful soft furnishings and airiness of the ward with bedside cabinets and tables across the beds make for homely comfort
RN Killian (known affectionately as Killies) is always at her station 
Sr Luette led us into another section with a garden leading off a small tea room where patients can receive visitors
The astro-turf, the garden chairs and table; the pot plants all make for a beautiful secluded garden where the patients in wheelchairs can sit and enjoy the outdoors
A second general ward every bit as comfortable and homely as the first
The toilet and shower off these wards has a wide entrance and surface to accommodate wheelchairs
A comprehensive mini-medical station in the passage between the wards
Just beyond the wards is another alcove where the clinical psychologist can see patients if necessary
At the end of the building is a semi-private ward. Two residents sleep here at night. During the day they sit in wheelchairs and watch television or sit in the sun in their own private garden visible just beyond the door
The grounds outside are kept immaculate and gardens are tended by dedicated gardeners

Grant waits for me to finish taking photos!

One of the many free standing semi-detached homes that house residents not yet ready for the MGO and frail care unit

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  1. Beautiful! The facility and it's environs are lovely Jo. It so nice and bright and state of the art too. Now the frail and elderly of Marquard and area will get the very best care possible in their latter years.

  2. That looks a friendly, clean facility.

  3. Lovely soothing colour scheme but sharing a room is definitely not for me, I still plan to die on the paddock or in my own bed.
    Nice occasion for the golden oldies though.

  4. Hello Jo, the new frail care center looks wonderful. I am sure the patients will appreciate all the extras that will help them feel better. A pretty bright environment. Great tour, thanks for sharing. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. a beautiful unit, frail care is a super idea and so pretty to look at. cheerful and clean and perfect. it is good you are close to a facility like this one

  6. Wow..a tell tale series of pics.

  7. What a beautiful retirement home ! A nice place to spend your last years ! It all looks so friendly and clean !

  8. Sure is a beautiful facility.


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