Sunday, July 10, 2016

All five Hedges kitties

Hi Bozo and all our blog readers; this is Ambrose' Mum doing his post for the third Sunday in a row. He's still not 100% but should be back to normal and posting again next week. Thanks for all the kind wishes on Face Book. Ambrose and his yoomens appreciate all this tremendously.

Last week MIL suggested that I use my infra-red lamp on Ambrose' joints as he wasn't able to use the leg well yet. He had two ten minute sessions per day and seemed to enjoy the warmth and vibration of the machine. If Shadow lay next to him, I gave him a massage; if Dad Ginger was there I ran the machine down his spine. They all seem to like it!

Ambrose' treatment seemed to help the almost-atrophied muscles in the injured leg

In between, Unca Shadow has been eating Tipsy's food...

...Dad Ginger annexes Chappie's box...

...and Chappie watches disapprovingly from under Mum's butcher's block! 
Cousin Tipsy comes out after the Hedges kitties are in their room; he has the warmth of his yoomen dad's fireplace to enjoy

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  1. post...try some dialogue :) Cause you know what they're thinkin', right?

  2. there is never a dull moment in your kitty lives.... everyone changing up and sleeping here and there...

  3. Hello, I am glad to see all the Hedge's cute kitties doing well. Sending my well wishes for Ambrose's recovery!

  4. Get well soon Ambrose!! Missing ya!!


  5. that was a good idea of your MIL and I hope it speeded up Ambrose recovery


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