Saturday, July 2, 2016

Special Critters beginning July 2016

Earlier this week, my house-lady, Erica brought her eight-year-old son, Tumi to work with her. Tumi is the same age as Bethany, John and Debbie's second daughter. He loved playing with the cats, and Ginger and later, Chappie, loved being stroked by this gentle little boy.
Tumi, looking a lot more serious than he actually is! 

When Tumi was a baby, his mom, Erica worked for in another household here in Marquard. Erica's mom, Emily was working for me at the time. She brought Tumi to work and would piggyback him (as is traditional) while she worked. When he needed to sleep, she'd lay him in the middle of my double bed with pillows around him to prevent him from rolling off. 

Scrolling through my blog, I found a photo of the oldest grandson, Joshua with Tumi who's riding a plastic scooter. Tumi and Emily's older grandson, Karabo have been part of our family ever since 2002; especially while John and Debbie lived here in Marquard. The children were of an age and would spend many a day playing together here at our home. 
Tumi, around two years and Joshua four-years-old
On Thursday Rina visited and I convinced her to go walking with the dogs. Here she's throwing a stick into the water for Skabenga to retrieve

Which he did, good boy! 

As old as she is, Eddy takes a dip every day that we're on the golf course
Skabenga is there too!

For the past six months, Grant's been complaining that his belt isn't successfully holding up his jeans. We're searched in the city for braces and eventually yesterday I managed to find a natty grey pair.  
The Vintage Marquard style
Blogger and FB friend, Betsy said he looks like the Mountain Man from Tennessee! 
Yesterday morning I snapped the moon: last quarter over Rina's house
Last evening I photographed the sunset from her house - over the retirement village
I also picked up a contrail with the setting sun
Zooming in as much as I could, I managed to get a small glimpse of the actual aircraft glittering in the sun 

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  1. Hello Jo, Tumi is a cute boy along with your adorable grandson. Skabenga and Eddy are always great to see, I feel like I know them both. Wish I could give them a hug. Grant looks nice modeling his new suspenders or braces. Love the sky and moon shots. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. gorgeous sky over the retirement center. that is a really great shot of Rina with the stick and of course you know i love the dogs in the water pics. Daddy wore these for the last 15 years of his 93 years... we call them suspenders here, but i have heard them called braces by others... they do work great.. he had them for dress up and for work... always had several pair of them..

  3. WOW!Gorgeous sky shots Jo adn good of Tina to ttake the dogs a walk. Grsnt looks good in the braces. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. Tumi is adorable! As usual, you have posted many gorgeous photos. I love the painting in the first shot of the young girl.


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