Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Various happenings in my world!

Monday morning while I was busy at the computer, I heard the gate bell ring. Grant has many visitors and customers coming in at all times, so I left it to John, the gardener (who has the remote) to open the gate. Minutes later Abby arrived to visit. She immediately asked for a drink which I poured her and I also gave her two cookies. 
Four-and-a-half Abby is growing up fast; 
she comes over to visit on her own! 

Soon she fetched the highlighters and colour pencils
 and paper and began to draw 
She noticed Ambrose lying in the sun and went over to stroke him
A gentle little girl petting a convalescing kitty

Soon after this Abby asked to go home so I took her out the gate, along the lawn and into her front door. Closer to your grandchildren you cannot get! 

I leashed up Skabenga and with Eddy we walked around the corner to the golf course. 

Just before we entered the gate, I came across two  little girls having a picnic on the side of the road. This was such a heartwarming sight that I took photos of the beautiful scene. 
Our beautiful town is so peaceful and crime-free compared to life in the cities

The dog from over the road soon joined them. This isn't their dog as I think these little girls live in the house on the corner. 
The dog soon joined the girls' picnic
As always the dogs love their daily walk on the course
Several golfers were out on the fairway 
On my way back, I saw that an older lady had joined the girls - their aunt perhaps? The dog was there to stay. Eddy also ran up and joined in the fun but Skabenga was too excited for me to take him any closer 

On Sunday night we had quite a bit of drama - although remotely. Our friend, Rudi, from Wilderness (900km), was on his way up to visit us. Grant is rebuilding a 1989 motorbike for Rudi so he was keen to see the project in real life (I've been posting photos on FB) He was journeying quite well until 6.30 on Sunday night. He phoned Grant to say his car had stopped UP a hill and he just couldn't get it going again. We asked if we could arrange a roadside assistance but he'd already had someone stop and phone a breakdown service in the next town 30kms ahead. 

Long story short, Rudi's "help" never arrived. We waited here in the Free State not thinking to organize help for Rudi; he ended up sleeping in the car, under icy conditions, for the whole night. On Monday morning early Grant phoned the roadside assistance who contacted Rudi immediately and within twenty minutes went out to his car, started it and Rudi was ready to ride! 

At 2pm yesterday Rudi arrived here at our home! 

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  1. Your granddaughter is so cute. She goes over to visit grandma all by herself. How precious! I'm so sorry Rudi had to overnight in the freezing cold. Hopefully he recovered well. The scene of the little girls having a picnic was very heartwarming.

  2. Good Rudi got toyour place safely in the end. Lovely to see the girls have a picnic and you are so fotunate that yuo family live next door.

  3. Sounds great. You had a wonderful time with the little one.

  4. I am happy to see and hear that Rudi is ok and made it there safely... that is horrible he had to stay in the cold overnight... i love the photo of Abby softly stroking poor sweet Ambrose and being so careful of his leg...you know already i LOVE the visiting dog at the picnic. adorable girls having a picnic... children know how to enjoy life for sure...

  5. Hello, Jo! Your granddaughter is a cutie! It is nice that they live so close by. Cute photos of the girl having their picnic. I always enjoy seeing the dogs, I miss having a dog now. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  6. Enjoyed your story. Sweet little girl living next door to you! :)

  7. Two sweet stories, first your little visitor, and then the picnic having a dog visit, but so dreadful about Rudi's car. Glad he finally got some help.
    Hugs from here, Kay and Dick and Lindy


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