Thursday, July 7, 2016

Good fences, sweet little visitor

Once again yesterday morning Abby popped over to visit Granny, and stayed all day. 

What a sweet little girl. 

She loves the cats; visited Ambrose on his sunbed/chair, walked the dogs with me, helped set the table for lunch; ate all her lunch and drank her milk and then helped to clear the table. After lunch, she looked through a book of South African birds and also one of the mammals of Southern Africa (more about this later) Eventually at about 3.20pm she asked to go home. 
Abby striding along the golf course with me and the dogs
Watching Skabenga take a dip in the cold water
Walking back across the course with Skabenga flanking her 
At the gate I was able to get fence shots for this post
Wood as fuel during the winter is at a premium. The local people look for wood daily. These three men had sawn a dead tree and were chopping up the stem into logs and the branches into kindling. Afterwards, the three of them would transport this precious commodity on their heads (although that's a woman's job) in bags or on wheelbarrows. The distance between this spot and their homes is about 3.5kms. 
All they had for tools was a hand-bow saw. But with stamina, perseverance and sheer determination, they would have cut this tree up before mid-afternoon yesterday

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  1. Your grand daughter is so sweet and itis wonderful she comes to visit so often.

  2. hard work for fuel, indeed. sweet grandgirl helper you had. :)

  3. Hello, Jo! Abby and Skabenga look like they are enjoying their walk. Cute photos and fence finds. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. Abby looked to be having a grand time trying to keep up with Skabinga.

  5. i enjoyed the story behind the wood sawing.. we have it so easy here and rarely are thankful for it.. everything we need at the touch of a button or key to a car... love the dog with Abby, she is so cute in those tiny boots..

  6. What a beautiful girl. Nice picture of the dog in the water. Here we lend each other our tools such as electric saws, hedge trimmers, high pressure sprayers. Our culture is different, I think. And ... we are not permitted to cut down trees. We need written permission :) Thank you so much for sharing your life, area and precious family! Love it!

  7. What a cutie! She sounds like one sweet grand-daughter!

  8. Abby is darling. How fun that she came over to spend time with you.
    What interesting shots of the men and the dead tree. Around here there is plenty of wood as we live near mountains. Makes you really appreciate what you have.


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