Monday, July 11, 2016

Chappie always finds a spot

Our resident female cat, Chappie, loves to find unique places to sleep in. I've photographed her sleeping in many various boxes; I've posted about her sleeping on "her" royal chair - often on top of the royal cushion; I've posted about her sleeping under the lamp on Rina's chest of drawers which remained in my office. I have photos (which I posted) where she is sleeping inside a drawer I left open for a minute. She loves to sleep on the first shelf of my butcher's block next to my stove.  I also posted about her sleeping in a dormant planter pot. 

Over the weekend, Chappie chose two special places to rest and of course I had to photograph her. 

Grant has started assembling Rudi's bike and together they lifted it onto my patio table. 
Chappie thought the inside of the frame was a cool place to sit 
Rudi posted a similar photo of Chappie and his bike on Facebook and said the rebuild was "purring" along !

Sunday was a beautifully sunny day and Grant suggested we braai (BBQ) out on the patio. He has a small braai on wheels which is perfect for this purpose. When he went to wheel it from the side of the house, guess who was sleeping in it? 
Chappie finds the braai a perfect place to sleep - especially in the sunny corner of the house
When I asked her how she thought we'd BBQ that day, she merely turned her head and catnapped some more! 

Grant had to clean out the indoor Jetmaster (we'd made a fire on Saturday night when the children and Rina joined us for Grant's delicious curry) and build a new fire in there. 



  1. Chappie looks very comfortable in her perches. The bike Grant is building for Rudi looks fabulous. I'm sure the curry and the brai were delicious. xx

  2. Chappie Stories are my favorite.. purring along has me still smiling... maybe you should rename Chappie to Houdini.....

  3. Hello Jo, Chappie has found a few comfy spots to lay. The BBQ is not a good spot though. Cute kitty! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  4. Ambrose is going to be jealous! Not a single picture of him. He needs to get back on the computer and let us know how he is doing.

  5. A cats life isn't too bad in your house. Lucky Chappie didn't get BBQed.

  6. She even beats Arthur who also finds the strangest napping places !


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