Sunday, July 3, 2016

Ambrose still convalescing

Hi Bozo and all my blog readers. I could see Ambrose still isn't up to doing his Sunday post so here goes.
He's improving by the day; doing everything that a patient recovering from a serious injury does. Only thing is he seemed to favor his wounded leg. He also wasn't too strong when walking short distances. 

While in the city on Friday we asked the vet what we should do to help Ambrose regain his strength. He suggested a painkiller a day for the next five days. Which is what I'm doing now: administering a tablet down the little boy's throat much against his will! But we saw a marked improvement on Saturday morning after he'd had his first pill the night before.
Ambrose on his day bed/chair during the day. Here he soaks up vast amounts of vitamin D!

Ambrose asleep on my bed at night: the electric blanket attracts all three the cats; we humans have to fit in around them! 
On Thursday morning (a week after visiting the vet) Ambrose was still eating breakfast in bed
On Friday morning he jumped off the bed and walked (albeit gingerly favoring his sore leg) and ate his food on the carpet
At midnight on Friday, I had two cats on my feet...
...and one on my pillow - almost on my head! 

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  1. Cats do love to sleep with their masters, don't they? Especially poor Ambrose who hasn't been feeling well. I am glad to hear the painkillers are giving him a greater ability to have a normal day of activities and hopefully he will be feeling much better in a few days. Hugs. xx

  2. I am glad he is recovering albeit slowly but breakfast in bed!!

  3. That's wonderful! Wishing him a speedy recover all the way from India :)

  4. i have a big smile on my face, each photo made the smile bigger and bigger. they are so beautiful sleeping.. when i was in pain with my leg and needed to walk for exercise, that is what the doc did for me, take pain tablets to allow me to walk to get the exercise that helps the leg. hope this works fast for Ambrose and he is walking normal by the end of a week.

  5. Hello, I hope Ambrose recovers fully very soon. Sending hugs and my get well wishes. Happy Sunday, enjoy your day and the new week ahead!

  6. I should take a picture of the pit bull on my feet :)


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