Saturday, November 12, 2016

New header and other critters!

A note on my new header; even though I edited my sidebar icon, I need to say it here. My beautiful new header is - as always - designed by Gattina of Writers Cramp. Thanks Gattina! Do click on the link here above and visit this amazing blog. If you need a header, look no further. 

Life on the farm continues...

I regularly take the dogs along the servitude every morning at 5am. 

During the day, I'd been up and down the hill several times to supervise the planting and staking of the latest consignment of pecan nut trees. 

I always have my camera (and dogs) and  captured some beautiful wildflowers along the way. 

The first thistle I've seen on the mountain
Pin-tailed Whydah feeding on the ground

My first sighting of a Cape Longclaw
It was quite elusive and kept going further into the maize fields 

On Thursday, during the day,  the dogs and I walked along the servitude to the bottom boundary gate for the second time. I'd unlocked the padlock early that morning for the delivery vehicle which brings our weekly fruit, vegetables and meat supplies.  However, due to a delay the company notified me that they'd be delivering on Friday. 
Here we are, the second time that day, locking the gate! This is very good exercise for me and of course, the dogs LOVE it! 
As I crested the little hill on the way back home, I had a full view of a farm machine planting seeds in the field next door
We all waved to each other - glad to see another human on the hill! 

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  1. We have no birds this colorful in our area.

    I clip thistle blooms before they have time to seed. Also salt the root to discourage it's growth. We have very few and conduct thistle hunts.

    Your ground looks rich.


  2. Love the Whydah with its long tail. That looks like a good workout walk. Have you moved house?

  3. Wonderful photos, Jo. It´s obvious that the dogs have a great time!

  4. Hello Jo, I love these scenes and the new header. I hope you are enjoying your new home. The dogs look happy. I love the birds too, awesome photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Wonderful seeing different parts of the world!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  6. I love the fields of green and the big green tractor working. you know my favorite pic is Skabenga in the path.. I like the birds on the ground, especially the pin tailed one.. we see them on limbs and trees but not on the ground very much. I went over to Writers Cramps and read her essay on our new president..we voted for Hillary as did 60 million people, she did win the popular vote, but not the electoral. now we wait to see what chaos happens first.

  7. I remember seeing Pin-tailed Whydas in Kenya and wondering why they have such weird long tails.

    Your new place looks and sounds to be quite remote Jo. I hope you are enjoying it but you seem to be already settled.

  8. Once you see one thistle, you're sure to soon see more!

    Lovely shots.


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