Thursday, November 17, 2016

Good fences, gate project

Along the servitude at 150m intervals are gate posts. The neighboring farmer asked John if he could put these openings in the fence, to allow his pivots through there when irrigating. John says it helps to water the natural grasslands on his property. This grass is cut daily for guinea pig and horses bedding. 
The gate posts which accommodate the pivots when necessary

The half crescent shaped path through the grass - the dogs love it when we take this route 
Crossing the servitude road along the pivot path to the second gate posts

These posts were strung across with 8 gauge blue wire. This was to keep the horses out. Not so, when Missy sees the luscious green grass on the verge beyond the fence, she pokes her head through and munches away. She also discovered that she can walk through the wire, snapping it with her chest, and enjoy a roll in the farmer's fields. (this would be disastrous) 

Note in my header how Missy has her head through the fence! 

The idea is to hang 8mm chain link between the posts. The pivot operators can unhook the chain on one side, let the pivot  through, and when finished irrigating, and bringing the pivot back, hook the chain up again.

Grant is repairing the first gate today. 
A long look down the fence from the top gate posts

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  1. Hello, love these images of the countryside and farm. The horses are beautiful in your header and I always love your dogs. Thank God for great neighbors. Wonderful photos. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  2. haha that missy! the dogs look so happy! beautiful scenery!

  3. yeah, those sneaky horses... :) beautiful area. guinea pig and horse bedding! :)

    i linked you.

  4. Wow - beautiful area! I love the big open sky with the mountains in the background.

  5. you have so much beauty to walk through and admire on your walks. love the view down the fence and the grass is beautiful, the green and the brown... people use to use grasses for mattresses way back a few hundred years ago.

  6. Hello sweet pups, you sure are on the right path! Beautiful surroundings!

  7. That grass always look greener on the other side of the fence.

  8. Delightful photos for fences ~ love the dogs!

    Wishing you a peaceful weekend ~ ^_^

  9. Fabulous photo's, what a view of the countryside.

    All the best Jan

  10. Nice fence line and pretty grasses - The dogs look so happy.


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