Monday, November 7, 2016

My dog is growing up!

Labradors are known to take absolutely ages to mature; some experts say up to seven years. 


Over the months I found that Skabenga was very boisterous and puppy-like. Up until we left Marquard three weeks ago, I also felt as though I would never instill 100% discipline into my dog.. Not that he was ever disobedient; not at all. I just think walking from our previous house to the golf course and passing several dogs behind fences, Skabenga was hard put to concentrate at all times. 

Now it's only Skabenga, Eddie and I who walk along the servitude to the end of the property.  No distractions. No barking dogs as we pass their homes. Here there  is just grasslands and slopes; farmlands below and the beautiful Drakensberg mountains in the background. 

I have noticed in this last week, that when I give Skabenga a command (without even raising the tone of my voice) he obeys immediately. For instance, he'll saunter along ahead of me; when I say: "run", he breaks into a gallop. 
Skabenga running along ahead of me on a grassy pathway we took last week 
Lush grass and wildflowers with the mighty mountains in the background
Missy and Thunder at the bottom of the slope with the farmer's fields below
I zoomed in on a sleeping African village with the sun reflecting on the windows
While I take photos, Skabenga waits up ahead for me

Yesterday the dogs and I took a walk in the afternoon as the day cooled down. No sooner had we started out when I noticed an indistinct brown movement far ahead on the pathway. I called the dogs to stop (which they did) while I tried to zoom in on the site. No success. We continued our walk and I'd almost forgotten about what I'd seen, when a francolin flew up right in front of Skabenga! He and Eddie gave chase but as I said: "leave", he stopped. Eddie also turned around and returned to the road. The francolin flew off down the valley - untouched. 

Anyone following my blog will remember that Skabenga and Eddie loved the dam at Hole No 5 on the Marquard Golf Course. Here there is no dam on this walk (I need to walk down the slope, exit the property and we'll reach the river; soon - dogs - soon!). When we arrived home during our first week here, Skabenga jumped feet first into the horses' drinking trough.
Skabenga plodging in the horses' drinking trough

 Debbie noticed this and the next time she was in town, she brought home a beautiful plodging bowl for Skabenga. Not just a flimsy bowl - a huge recepticle made of durable plastic. She found it at the farmer's co-op; it's used for cattle salt licks.
Skabenga's plodging bowl
He looks like an otter! 



  1. LOL, what a funny dog jumping in the water at all times. He loves the water more than most dogs I've seen. It's good to hear he is maturing. Perhaps the absence of all the fun distractions on your Marquard walk made it just to difficult to contain himself.

  2. Hello Jo! Skabenga is growing beautifully. He is so handsome. Eddie is cute too. I am glad they are both well behaved while you are out walking. Have a great day and new week ahead!

  3. the bowl is a really great idea. so beautiful, looking better and better. you have the most wonderful place to walk. I just love everything you see and show us... so glad they are obeying. question.. are the crocodiles in the river?

  4. Looks like you and the dogs are enjoying your new home. I'd love the wide open spaces!!! We don't have a dog now --but when we walk on the golf course around here ---it seems like we hear barking dogs in almost every home along our way... I love dogs --but I'd love walking and not hearing them so much... ha

    Great bowl for Skabenga.....


  5. It's crazy what Labradors adore water, just like Charlie ! How nice of your DIL to buy this "bath" for him !

  6. Great dogs - I don't think that mine will ever grow up.


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