Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This is my life!

My life has become very relaxed and outdoorsy. I seem to be focused on animals of every type. 

Starting at around 4.15 am when Shadow sits above my head on my pillow, stares at me (I can sense this even through closed eyes) and meows. The other three cats are sitting up straight on various surfaces around the room; their expressions anticipatory! 

In their past life I would rise and give them their tasty treats - little niblets of meat in gravy. Because I wanted to teach them that they can go outdoors in their new home, but need to come indoors when I call, I don't feed them that early anymore. Instead I open our rondawel door and the cats can go out. Ambrose explained that I took a L O N G time to let them out; but that was my strategy. I waited until the whole property was quiet - only me and Grant and the animals (read four cats, two dogs; two horses - stabled and seven guinea pigs in their overnight hutches) then I knew the cats would be confident enough to go out and return at will. 

By now it's 4.45 and Skabenga and Eddie,  who sleep in the open shower-room next door, are yelping and barking for me to take them for their walk. 5am and we're on the road, the dogs running ahead and me striding along behind them.

When I return I make tea for me and Grant and feed the dogs. The cats are still wandering around although Ginger and Chappie normally wait indoors in case I am about to feed them! By 6.30 all the cats have returned; I close the door and feed them. They return to bed...

I then entice the dogs into their shower-room and close them in. I let the guinea pigs out to graze.

I return to my own ablutions and dress for the day. 

The Zulu ladies, Namusa and Thandiwe arrive at 8am and let the horses out of the stables. One mucks out the stables and the other thoroughly cleaned the guinea pig cages. At 9.30, I've prepared a smorgasbord of fresh fruit and vegetables with a cup of pellets for the guinea pigs. As I walk towards their cages, they come running from different parts of the garden. I place their food on their feeding trays; Namusa has replenished their water bowls, and added fresh hay to their hutches. I do a head count - four in one cage  and three in the other. The two males are separated else they fight. 
Guinea pig smorgasbord
Enjoying breakfast by Gran! 
Two of the four guinea pigs at the food- the other two are around the corner with their tidbits

Then the rondawel door is opened and cats can move between sleeping on my bed or wandering out into the garden. The dogs also come out and lie in the shade until they see Mum don her walking shoes and sling her camera around her neck. Then they jump up and followed gleefully!  

Debbie had ordered a consignment of pecan trees. They arrived on Monday and Namusa dug the holes and planted 52 trees. This morning she and Thandiwe are digging the remaining 68 holes and will plant the remaining trees. 

A pecan tree 
Namusa watering the trees

While Namusa worked in the field yesterday. I went down with my camera. The dogs were with me. Skabenga ran up to Thunder where he and Missy were grazing in that enclosure. 
Eddie and Skabenga discovering new territory
Skabenga with Thunder
Missy and Skabenga rubbing noses
Missy, the beautiful mare

In the afternoon, I repeat the whole dog/cat/ guinea pig routine. When the guinea pigs are finally in their cages for the night, the cats come out for an afternoon stroll. 
Ironically the cats don't take any notice of the guinea pigs; instead they are fascinated by the horses and their sleeping quarters

Shadow moved off and Chappie ventured across for a sniff at the hay

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  1. Goodness, what an interesting life you lead! So very different from my own.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hello, Jo! I would enjoy this life with the animals. I can just imagine the guinea pigs running towards you and their food. They are so cute. I also love the dogs and horses. Wonderful post and photos. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  3. what a life your animals lead and thus so do you... you will never be bored for sure. I did not know the guinea pigs ate that much, that is a lot of food even for 7 little piglets to eat... they have no idea how great a life they have.. as do the horses and dogs and cats and YOU and Grant. I love your day

  4. It sounds like you are right in your element dear Jo!

  5. This sounds just right, especially with all that open country, clean air, and amazing views. You sound home.


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