Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday critters in the mountains

Thistles don't seem to be invasive in this part of the country; I need to Google and check up though. However, there is only one plant on our walk along the servitude. Yesterday I stopped to photograph the bloom again and was rewarded with a bee sitting on it. Perhaps it's a bee from John and Debbie's beehives; so the thistle can't be such a baddie! 
Bee on thistle bloom
A grass "flower" which fascinated the photographer in me! Note: black blob in background is Skabenga, the dog

Blogger friend, Sandra of Mad Snapper, and I were saying how we like to stop and check out the small stuff. And of course,  photograph it. Below is a dew-sprinkled spiderweb which I stopped to photograph on a walk [with dogs] to where the ladies had planted the latest pecan trees. 

Dew-sprinkled spiderweb spun across some grasses 
In the field where the newly planted pecan trees are, I spotted a mulberry tree. And a caterpillar feeding on it. I've been down every day to check on this... 

Back home in the evening Grant and I stable the horses. Here Skabenga greets them
Every morning Missy calls Grant come and let them out! Thunder, the Gentle Giant, snuffles in Grant's pockets as he's opening the stalls
The cats cuddle up on OUR bed every night

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  1. Great photos! Those are very pretty cats and they look warm and cozy. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Hello, Jo! I enjoy the simple small things. Anything that involves nature like your spiderweb shot and the caterpillar. The shot with Skabenga and the horses is wonderful. I love the cute kitties all cuddled up on the bed. Great post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. I smiled all the way through the post.. that grass flower is AMAZING. I love it. I smiled even more when I got to the horse/dog/grant part.. made me feel joy reading it... I think thistles are so beautiful, I am a huge fan of weed flowers.

  4. one of the things i love about photography is to see the "little things" and to stop and appreciate them!

  5. I forgot to mention how much I LOVE the spiderweb, it is true art by mr or mrs spider. and decorated with dew drops.. I read a post yesterday about looking down and removing the horizon from photos. that is what you did today

  6. The horses are beautiful, and the photo with the cats lined up on your bed so cute !

  7. Thistles are great aids to bee and butterfly photography.

    Your cats look very comfy!


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