Monday, November 28, 2016

Rainy weekend in the mountains

It rained on Friday; it rained on Saturday; it rained on Sunday.

You get the picture?

In between when the sun peeped through the clouds, before it rained again, the dogs and I went out for a couple of walks. 

BTW; come rain or shine, every morning at 5, the dogs and I walk our walk along the servitude. A kilometer round trip in case we don't get out again.

Not that that happens. We get out several times a day AFTER the early morning constitution! 
 Whooppee! Another walk with Mum! 
 Eddie goes where angels fear to tread
 The horses graze calmly with thunderheads gathering above 
Going outside one evening after another rainstorm and was greeted by this awesome sunset 

It's a tough life, I know but someone has to do it...


  1. Awesome sunsets indeed. Lovely way to end your walk.

  2. Wonderful colours in the sky. What is a servitude?

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Hello JO, I wish you could send some of that rain here. Florida has been dry lately. Love the dogs out enjoying their walk and the beautiful sunset. What a gorgeous view! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week ahead!

  4. ha ha on the tough life.. also a beautiful life. it seems to me when we have rain or storms the sunrise or sunset is always more beautiful... keep walking and snapping and enjoying life... send rain, it has been 70 days since we had a drop. and the trees/plants show it

  5. Seems you are a new kind of busy here, come rain or shine.

  6. Well I suppose it has to rain sometime! It never seems to stop you getting out on your walks with these jokes and rightly do. If we were to stop everything because it rained we would go and do nothing so we just get on with it


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