Sunday, November 27, 2016

Mountain Moggies' Utopia

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose to tell you how much we are enjoying the mountain place we now live in. 

Firstly we have a WHOLE bed to sleep on. 
Our Mum and yoomen dad have to fit in between us! 
Auntie Chappie has her own private sleeping chair
Mum lined a box with a B E E G pillow - unca Shadow slept in it for a while
Dad Ginger and I at the foot on Mum's bed

When we're not sleeping, we explore the garden.
Dad Ginger patrolling around the house
And the vineyard
Auntie Chappie loves to sneak along the ditch at the stable (See there I, Ambrose, am sitting in the doorway) 
Unca Shadow went exploring in the forest

A bird in the tree was telling Unca Shadow to "go away"
Auntie Chappie, Dad Ginger and I watched from the rondawel door

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  1. Hello, love the tour. Everyone is looking adorable. Florida Southern College

  2. They are all so cute - it looks like they've got lots of space and are well looked after. Outdoor cats where I live don't live long with all the dangerous wildlife!

  3. my favorite today is the last one of the three of you in the door way. you have landed in Cat Heaven... and with you very own BEEEG Bed... plus to humans who share it with you.


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