Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun with the Canon

Wild garlic (Tubaghia spp) are spectacular in huge swarths as I have here against my west facing-wall in summer. At the end of the bedding is a most rewarding shrub: the Pride of De Kaap (Bauhenia galpinii) which flowered for almost nine months

One beautiful afternoon in February (mid-summer in South Africa), the whole family was visiting here at our home. My younger daughter-in-law, Amanda asked if she could photograph the garden with my Canon. She loves to play around with the different features on the camera and I'm always amazed and pleased with the beautiful images she comes up with.

My post today is about this day and a selection of her takes on my garden.

In the foreground of this photo, is the Pride of India (Lagerstromia indica), not indigenous, as can be ascertained from the name. Here it was at the height of its glory
Lily spp - also not the indigenous kind but it grows so prolifically in the Free State providing colour during the whole summer. Amanda used the macro feature for this shot
A candid capture of a happy little lad watering his Gran's garden!
Amanda experimented with various shutter speeds for the photos of the fountain above and below
A -M -A- Z- I- N -G
A beautiful summer

All photo credits: Amanda Hedges


  1. Hi Jo, Your daughter-in-law is quite a good photographer. Of course, she had a beautiful garden to photograph. WOW--I'm impressed.


  2. Great shots Amanda.
    Refreshing fountain.
    Nice place Jo.

  3. Hi Jo, I have my camera on the same setting constantly and have only begun to use the macro setting!Amanda took some terrific shots,I love the second last one ,the fountain looks a little like an angel shimmering over the water.Your garden looks beautiful in all seasons.

  4. Thanks Betsy;) good to see you and thanks for visiting my blog.

    Hi Regina, I'll pass your kind comments onto Amanda - she reads my blog so I'm sure she see them as well. Hugs

    Thanks Peggy;) I've just popped over to your allotment with you and WOW am I impressed. Thanks for always visiting my blog. (((Hugs)))

  5. Jo, you always post great photos, whether taken by you or your daughter. These are very nice. Your grandson is so cute. I'm jealous of you for having such a balmy winter.
    Hugs, D.

  6. Hi Dedene, thanks for your kind comments. These photos were taken in the first week of February which is high summer in South Africa. We are now in the deepest of mid-winter and as South Africans shudder and shiver at the slightest drop in temperatures. We have had lovely weather up till now and yesterday the temperatures dropped severely for the second time this season. There is snow on the Maluti mountains again and we expect temps of -3 tomorrow. I'm quite worried about the little blue budgie I posted about on Tuesday but will see if she emerges unscathed tomorrow morning. Thanks for always visiting my blog. (((Hugs))) Jo

  7. Jo, you have a beautiful garden. I'll bet it's fun for you to see it thru your daughter's eyes. Love the fountain, and reflection shot.

  8. Thanks Gaelyn;) On Tuesday while scrolling through my pictures on my computer, I came across these photos that dil had taken. The world outside is looking rather bleak and bare so I really enjoyed a trip back down memory lane to the beginning of the year when my garden was at its prettiest. Yes, it gave me quite a different perspective. Thanks for visiting. (((Hugs))) Jo South Africa

  9. Thanks Kim and welcome to my blog!


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