Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, Angie

Angie was four and a half months old and a bit shy the day we brought her home from the SPCA

Today is Angie's first birthday, and although we never had her from the cute, six-week-old puppy stage, she was a delightful little dog with a gentle nature. She has turned out to be a wonderful guard dog and continues to thrive in the Hedges menagerie!

At the end of last year, my husband said he thought we need to get a new dog. My precious Rottweiler, Shasa had been gone since the middle of the year and as I live on my own when my husband is on contract out of the country, it is necessary to have a big dog on the premises. We managed to find the perfect dog at the SPCA in the city and brought her home. You can read about this here.
A bit gangly, but already fitting in and willing learn...

Angie at 5 1/2 months. Part and parcel of the family

Angie never chases cats. I love this about her. Here sitting with Clarice, she takes liberties and acts as though she is one herself!
Angie is very good at taking her coat-shine-enhancing tonic

Great excitement the day Angie realised that she is a Labrador and loves water!

Here all three the dogs enjoy the last of the summer in the garden

Angie and Eddy are inseperable

Angie at 7 months : a real beauty

Angie learnt to shake hands for her bedtime cookie treats

Even though the temperatures have dropped dramatically, Angie lies outside my office window until I turn out the light and go to bed
The dogs are not allowed indoors; here they cannot contain themselves: they're asking to go for a walk which is their favourite activity of all time!
If you click to enlarge the photo above, you'll see Megan has Angie's leash in her mouth. Eddy cheers from the sideline
My beautiful Angie today: one year old!
This is my serious face

All three the "girls"together on the patio

Angie has proved to be the perfect watch dog and at the same time she is excellent with children. She has a wonderful nature and although she still tries to exert her will at times, she is very obedient. She was definitely the perfect choice of dog.
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  1. Marvelous shots of a group of 4 legged friends and how delightful they are! So glad that they found a good home with you! Thanks for sharing the fun!

  2. happy birthday, Angie! what a wonderful story! we have two adopted dogs too!

  3. Oh, she is such a gorgeous dog. Looks very kind and gentle. And what a gloriously glossy coat she has!

  4. Far too cute. Happy b'day Angie I'm sure you'll get lots of all the stuff you like.

  5. Angie is just perfect - but that is a biased comment coming from a doting owner of two labradors (and three already gone on to happier hunting grounds in heaven!)

  6. What a beautiful shiny coat she has. She looks like she will take good care of you.

  7. Jo, Angie is a beautiful dog. Looks like you have a wonderful time with all of your pets.

  8. Happy Birthday to Angie! Will you make her a cake? She's grown into a lovely young lady, and she is so happy. She's so lucky that you brought her home.

  9. So happy you've found the right companion! I can't get another dog until I retire. Won't be so long now.

  10. your angie is a lovely lab :)
    a happy birthday from my kitten Becky ^..^

  11. Cute Jo... Happy Birthday to Angie. What a gorgeous dog!!!!!

    What is your weather there now? We are in summer ---and right now, is not too hot. We live 2000 feet up on the Cumberland Plateau--so our temps don't get as hot as places down in the valley.

    Have a great Wednesday.

  12. Hi Sylvia K;) lovely to see you again. Thanks for your kind comments and for visiting.

    Hi Lara;) "Ditto" It's good to see you again. I'd love to see your dogs.

    Hi ladyfi;) Thanks, Angie is a darling dog albeit a bit boisterous at times. But that's probably to be expected from an exuberant young dog.

    Hi Babooska;) thanks for the wishes. Angie is always having treats and also thinks many of my pond plants are her toys!

    Hi Eleanor;) yes, aren't they the most adorable dogs? I've never owned a Lab and am so glad I do now.

    Hi Diane;) thanks, she is black as the ace of spades (oops, sorry, cliches!) but I also feed the animals proper dog food and not table scraps.

    Hi Jackleen;) Yes, I do have tremendous fun with my animals.

    Oh Dedene;) LOL! I should have had a cake made (that's my style: I order bd cakes!) but my day was very busy and Angie had to be satisfied with a nice juicy bone!

    Hi mkreider;) welcome to my blog. Yes, Angie is the perfect companion. I trust you'll eventually have the pet you want.

    Hi itsnotjustapicture;) good to see you again. Thanks from Angie to Becky for the birthday wishes.

    Hi Betsy;) thanks for Angie's bd wishes! We are in mid-winter which is -4 at times and we think it's freezing! Our summers are divine, expecially if it rains on time like last year - hot but not humid. I love the area I live and can see you are happy where you are as well. (((Hugs)))

  13. Angie is a beautiful dog , you were so lucky to find one that fits in so well with the other dogs.Her coat is so glossy,she is gleaming!

  14. Thanks Peggy, Angie was a really blessed find. Thanks for popping in. (((Hugs)))


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