Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Container Garden in the Winter

The container garden John and I planted up in November last year
The same container garden in July this year

Towering above all the other succulents, is this Aloe spp. It is boasting with a spectacular bloom

Early in the summer, John and I planted up a container for the patio leading up to the entrance of my home. You can read about this here.
This past month, the plants have excelled themselves; the only aloe growing to enormous heights and sporting a beautiful flower.


  1. You two have green thumbs. The plants have grown so much over the months. Hope it doesn't get too cold for them.

  2. It certainly has taken off, which is very good seeing as the months have been getting colder.

  3. Hi Gaelyn, thanks, yes, John is my right-hand man in the garden. David, who is also a good gardener, just lacks that special something (is it the love for the soil) but HE is very practical and can operate/fix pond pumps, mend wall cracks, find leaks etc. So we all have our special talents... Now is the perfect weather for thse succulents. They thrive in the dry, cold winters of the Free State. Thanks for popping in.

    Hi diane; yes, these plants are thriving at the moment. thanks for popping in.


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