Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Problem Eventually Solved

Arriving at the airport yesterday morning - the first stage in the second attempt for my husband to get back to the Sudan!
This is our nearest airport. It's not very big but it's very busy. Many business people commute daily from Bloemfontein to other large cities in the country. (I took the photo through the caffeteria window while having a last cup of tea with my husband)

Two days ago I posted about our disastrous trip to Johannesburg on Sunday and how my husband was unable board his plane to the Sudan. On Monday morning as soon as the airline offices opened, I contacted an agent who kindly offered to phone the airport offices and ascertain what the problem was.
She duly reported back to me that because we had paid by credit card when booking the ticket online, unbeknown to us, a new ruling had recently been made in this regard. Because of the increasing credit card fraud, your ticket is "closed". When you hand in your e-ticket, reservation code and credit card at the check-in counter, the clerk takes it all to a supervisor to be verified. The only problem is, on Sunday there was NO supervisor. No one told my husband this. All that was said, was there was a problem with his ticket and he couldn't board the plane.
The agent rebooked the ticket (at no extra charge thank goodness, else dh would have had a coronary!) for Tuesday and assured us that when he produced all the necessary documents at the check-in counter this time, his ticket would be verified by a supervisor and he would be able to board the plane.
I had provisionally booked a domestic flight from Bloemfontein (our nearest city) to Johannesburg. No way I relished travelling up to Johannesburg again this week. I saw him off early yesterday morning and he phoned me at 12.15 to say he had been booked into his international flight and was in the boarding lounge waiting for his flight departure at 14h15.
I am expecting a phone call from him this morning to say he arrived safely in Khartoum.
All's well that ends well.


  1. I have been a long time returning your visit to my blog. Sorry for the delay. I have enjoyed reading your blog. It is funny how technology is supposed to make things easier for us but often causes extra stress such as in your husbands trials with his air ticket. Hope all is well now.
    You did a great job of celebrating your m.i.l's birthday. Sounds like an enjoyable family reunion.

  2. Hi Diane;) thanks for your visit. Yes, I thought about the same thing re technology. Even if there was a kindhearted/compassionate clerk on the other side of the counter, he couldn't do anything because the computer system blocked the ticket and that was that! Thanks for your kind comments re my mil's birthday. It was a wonderful event - enjoyed by all. I will pop into to visit your blog shortly again - I loved your tales about your mum's boat trip. Hugs Jo xxx

  3. Hi Jo. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :) Really like the skyline at the airport there. And hope e'thing okay with the family.

  4. Hi madahmas;) you're welcome. My dh phoned me from Khartoum this morning and said he only got home at 3am! Thanks for your kind comments and visiting my blog.

  5. Hi Jo, I'm sorry to hear about all of your airline problems. Seems like they would have TOLD you about the changes... Glad you all have it all owrked out now.

    Loved seeing the birthday pictures.. Happy Birthday (belated) to your mother-in-law, Pam!!!


  6. Thanks Betsy; no, we don't get told of changes - you end up "feeling" Ah well, all helps to grow our character. Thanks for mil's wishes. (((Hugs))) Jo

  7. I'm so glad he got through and that all ended well!

  8. Thanks Esther;) It's always an adventure to travel across Africa!


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