Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reflection...or illusion?

Above is a holiday resort in the Drakensberg. I took this photo last month from the little church in which my children dedicated their children. You can read about this here.
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  1. Great, great, great. It's a natural mirror!

  2. It is hard to tell. Great shot.

  3. A great shot. The reflection is confusing.

  4. Gorgeous dreamscape! Love how the tree reflections are so prominant in the water but the signs of humanity (umbrellas) are minuscule.

  5. Beautiful place for a building!//Eva

  6. I really like the scalloped wall reflection. Lovely shot!

  7. It looks so tranquil too.


  8. Beautiful scene.

    Have a great week Jo.

  9. Hi Brit Gal Sarah: Thanks and welcome to my blog.

    Hi Digital Poloroids, Karen and Dianne: yes, it reflects to the point of confusion!

    Hi Greyscale Territory;) I went back and looked after reading your comment. You're right; nature comes out tops!

    Hi Eva;) yes, the campsites are just beyond that building. A stunning setting. Welcome to my blog.

    Hi Pat;) when I downloaded the photo, I looked again and again, wondering which was real and which was the reflection. I couldn't remember the actual wall but eventually worked it out!

    Hi GG;) it is always tranquil there, thanks!

    Hi Regina, thanks for popping in and you have a wonderful week too.


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