Friday, July 31, 2009

Sunrise over Guinea, West Africa

With my plans to go up the the Sudan, North Africa, getting under way, I thought I'd better post some of the lovely sky shots I took between 2004 - 2006 while living in West Africa. When I first joined the gold company I worked for, I was set on as temporary staff and only worked a 5 - day week. (Later on when I got a contract, I had to work on Saturdays as well, urgh!) Until then, I used to run from our house in the camp down to the air strip (800m/500 yards) every Saturday morning, run the length of the strip (1.25 km/.8 mile), turn around run the length of the strip back and then run up to camp again. (total 4.1km/2.5miles) Not much to real marathon runners, I know, but it was a good warm-up exercise for me before going into the gym and working out for another hour.

I always had my small camera in my hand, strapped to my wrist and took many photos along the way when I stopped for a breather - which was often!
As I said above, I thought I'd better post some of the sky photos I have of this beautiful country which stole my heart while living there. Once I get to North Africa, I will have so many scenes and skies to photograph, I will constantly be posting them on my blog.

These photos were taken in July 2004 in the middle of the Northern Hemisphere winter. This season is called the dry season. There is often a pall of dust hanging in the air, called the Harmatan, at this time of the year and you can go for days, even weeks without seeing the sun. This day, however, the sky, although slightly cloudy, was clear. The sun rose majestically over the African bush as only the sun in Africa can rise.

This is the end of the strip. When I got here, I noticed a pall of mist hanging over the African bush. Beautiful...
After turning at the end of the airstrip, and jogging halfway back up the runway, I stopped to take this photo and all the following ones. (A girl has to catch her breath, you know!)

I wished I was an artist and could capture this beauty on canvas

Africa, always in my heart and part of my blood.
Wild, beautiful and untamed.

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  1. Jo, you are an artist and have captured the moments quite well. Not too mention staying fit by running, and stopping to catch your breath. These are absolutely gorgeous. Look forward to more from North Africa.

  2. Wow Jo..... Those photographs are as good as 'canvas' I think!!!! LOVE them all!!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I love seein pictures from your country.


  3. Oh...those are really beautiful and knowing they're from Africa makes them even more spectacular for my eyes! Looking forward to seeing pix from your trip...

  4. Glorious skies. Great shots Jo.
    Have a wonderful weekend to all.

  5. I am convinced now that there is something extraordinary about the West Africa sky!! Maybe one day I'll figure out what it is?
    Loved your shots, Jo!!

  6. What a gorgeous series of photos, Jo. Beautiful sky, beautiful place. I'd love to see it in person.

  7. these are lovely jo.
    i so like the cloud formations but the colors are amazing as well.
    thank you for sharing with us.
    have a wonderful weekend

  8. Like paintings or postcards! Very beautiful! Greetings from Sweden!

  9. Hi Gaelyn;)yes, I realise that photography is also an art! Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Betsy, Thanks, I love your posts about your garden, the birds and your country too.

    Thanks Linnea W;) I'm also getting very excited about going although it's quite a wrench to leave my home comforts and my pets... Thanks for visiting. off to see your blog.

    Thanks Regina;) may you be blessed too and have a wonderful weekend.

    Aye, Esther, it's just the most BEAUTIFUL sky, isn't it?

    Hi Gennasus;) Yes, I'm allowing myself trips down memory lane in West Africa now that I know I'm going back out to the "wild" country again. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi itsnotjustapicture;) yes, the colours were always different - every morning and every evening was a surprise and Esther Garvi will vouch for as well! Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Niina;) WELCOME! Thanks for your kind comments. I'm off to see your blog.

  10. Exceptionally beautiful skies. Always have a camera strapped to your wrist is a good idea.

  11. Thanks Babooshka, good to see you. Have a wonderful weekend on that beautiful island of yours. (((Hugs))) Jo

  12. It must be quite an extraordinary experience, being out in the open, under skies such as these.

  13. Beautiful collection of snaps. Each bettering the other.

  14. Hi 3c;) welcome to my blog. It is a wonderful experience to be out in the open - especially the sky is spectacular on the whole African continent. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi lazyclick;) welcome to my blog. Thanks for your kind comment.

    Hi Rajesh;) good to see you again! thanks for your kind comments.


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