Sunday, May 31, 2009

Serene Scene

During the summer months we visited our friends at their Guest House on the Mooi River. Of course, there was ample opportunity for me to photograph idyllic scenes such as this one of the Egyptian Goose family. The female is leading the procession, the three juveniles are in the middle with the male coming up in the rear. The male has a darker eye and breast patch (the latter is not visible in the photo) and has a thicker neck than the female. The juveniles lack the breast and eye patch.

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  1. I love this photo!!

  2. Hi Vicki;) welcome to my blog and for your lovely comment. Thanks for visiting. I'm off to see you shortly.

  3. It's looks so tranquil too,


  4. Thanks for sharing your photo. I like it.
    A blessed Sunday to you.

    here's my link:

  5. I love ducks and geese of any kind. Great photo.
    How lovely that you & Lynda got to meet! I'm jealous -- ha!

  6. So cute in line. Nice shot Jo!

  7. Hi GG (waving;) it is tranquil but if you check my post today, you'll see that same weekend (just minutes after this shot of the geese) a large crocodile took a fish almost on that spot. (As youngsters, my dh and I used to swim there with our friends)

    Princess Sarah;) thanks for popping in. I've visited your blog - wonderful - I'll be there often.

    Hi Dedene;) yes, we have many types of ducks, geese and other waterfowl in South Africa.We also live in a provence with many dams so ample opportunity to spot them. Oooh yes, it was WONDERFUL to meet up with Lynda. See my post on Tuesday (tomorrow) as well. My hubby is flying to Europe tonight and all want to know why I'm not going as well. Maybe next time and my sister (in the UK) and I will visit France again like we did in 2005. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Regina, good to see you again. Yes, these geese are too cute. thanks for visiting. Blessings.

  8. Such a serene and lovely photo!

  9. Hi bettyl;) welcome to my blog. I've just popped onto yours. I love your take on your new home and your positive attitude to life. Thanks for popping in.


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