Sunday, July 19, 2009

On Frozen Pond

Mmm, this water is hard

A litte lick here...

...or here?

Enter Angie: mmm this water is hard

Sniff, sniff


Ah, let's lick here

And here

Wow, all I got is a frozen nose

Whoohoo, Angie, wait for me. I'm on my way...

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  1. Great photos of you guys and a pleasure to meet you.
    Marvellous Marvin

  2. Ultra cute photos! A frozen pond is scenic but no good without skates!

  3. Frozen water and dogs are such fun together though ours always avoid deep frozen water - just in case!

  4. Looks like a Jack Russell and a lab. Am I right? Cute photos.

  5. Hey, great shots! I bet we could have some fun together -- even if the water is frozen!

    Sam Schnauzer

  6. Cute photos. It's fun to watch the dogs reacting to ice for the first time.

  7. Hi Marvin (Carolyn) pleased to meet you to. Thanks for visiting our blog. Woofs from the Canine Hedges Girls of South Africa.

    Hi Gemma;) as the dogs put their paws onto the ice, it cracked and that puzzled them even more. Ice layer is thin here in this country. Thanks for popping in. (((Hugs)))

    Hi jabblog;)Thanks for popping in!

    Hi lv2scbk:) welcome to my blog. Yes, Eddy is a Jack Russel and Angie is a Lab - she's not purebred but my most precious pup - she turned one this month.

    Hi Sam Schnauzer;) we sure would - Angie and Eddy!

    Hi Janie;) good to see you again. Yes, I had great fun watching these pooches last week. Thanks for visiting.

  8. you two are brave!
    I don't trust hard water

  9. These are all that capture 2nd to last- beautiful coloring. Is it a mix of Jack Russle? Your header is pretty too-

  10. Great photos!

    My dog loves running on the ice... although swimming in water is even better.


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