Thursday, September 10, 2009

Delicious Chillie Garlic Paste

I discovered this delicious piquant paste quite by accident. A friend brought a bottle to my hairdresser while I was in the salon. I asked her what it was and she told me how she made it.
Wash your chillies, dry on a paper towel and cut the stalks off. Peel quite a few cloves of garlic and place with the chillies into a blender.
Add enough olive oil and blits (blend) until at your desired consistency.
This paste is delicious with anything. Refrigerate after opening. I served it last month at my cell meeting with delicious vegetable soup and low GI bread.

Only one problem: I had made basil and garlic pesto a few weeks prior to this. I stored it in bottles in the fridge as well. One evening while I was out with the church band, Debbie made the dinner. We were going to have Pesto Glazed Vegetables with Feta Infused Polenta. Instead of glazing the vegetables with pesto, she added a healthy dollop of chillie garlic paste. Hoo-boy. She saved the day, by transferring the vegetables to another pan, adding some water and simmering it until it reduced. We managed to eat the vegetables, but they were very spicy! I subsequently wrote the names of the various pastes in indelible pen on the lids.


  1. Ohhhhhh My---I was wondering how spicy they were... I remember when I first went to Sante Fe, New Mexico, we went in a Mexican Restaurant and I ordered green chili (not knowing how terribly spicy it was)... I think I had smoke coming out of my ears that day!!!!


  2. Ida from South Afica:
    Jou groente met polenta lyk heerlik! Het gaan kyk in my koskas, maar het net Arborio Rys (volgens pakkie Italiaans) - wonder nog altyd hoe dit smaak... Sal jou chillies probeer sodra ek in die hande kry. (Wat brand die minste? Rooies of groenes?) Lekker dag!

  3. Hi Jo, chillies are one thing I have not grown or eaten.I can imagine the consternation adding them to a dish in error!

  4. Sounds hot and tastey, yet a little bit probably goes a long ways.

  5. That does sound spicy but I am sure it tasted very good too.

  6. Hi Betsy, this is a very hot chillie paste. I can relate to you feeling as though you had smoke coming out your ears!

    Hi Ida;) ek het nog nie van Aborio rys gehoor nie. Polenta is nes geel mieliemeel en kook op soos slapperige pap. Heerlik. Die groen chillies brand die minste. As jy die meeste pitte uithaal, sal dit 'n lekker smeer maak. Ek vertrou jy'd jou pragtige ma se kuier geniet. Liefjo.

  7. Hi Peggy; yes, the polenta/vegetable dish was not meant to have chillie paste in it!

    Gaelyn, this little bottles lasts me and my husband about three months. You do only need a knife-tip!

    Hi M.Kate;) welcome to my blog. It is very tasty and so easy to make. Thanks for visiting.


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