Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spring in the Southern Hemisphere

Having spent most of the week alone in Khartoum, while my husband worked down in the south of the country, I was a bit drained by time Friday arrived. It was the second week since I’d arrived in North Africa and I was feeling homesick for my cool and lush garden at home. I don’t even want to mention my family, grandchildren and pets back there in South Africa.

As I often do when I’m feeling a less than cheerful and positive, which is not often, I browse through my photographs. Imagine the nostalgia that was brought to the fore when I came across images I’d taken in the garden only days before I flew out of the country.

There was the young wild plum (Prunus cerasifera) which had shot up in closely beside my Japanese Snowball Bush. (Viburnum plicatum). Earlier this year, John and I chopped it out as best we could without hurting the Snowball Bush. Obviously it is more tenacious than we thought, so here it was growing again.

It was therapeutic to allow myself to "wallow" a little. I also I marvelled at the fragility and beauty of nature.
Stop press: Thank you to everyone of my fellow bloggers who blostered my courage by commenting and e-mailing me. It was heartwarming to have so many people out there who care.
My darling husband arrived home safely on Thursday evening. The nightwatchman has not yet returned to work. However, the power is still on. Praise God!


  1. It's okay to be homesick, Jo... That's just HUMAN... As happy as I may be in one place--there's no place like HOME.

    Glad your Sweetie is home now though. That is GREAT news. Hope he won't have to make those trips very often.

    Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Jo,
    So glad your husband is back safe and sound.
    Your spring pictures are lovely. The leaves here are giving hints that Autumn is on the way.
    Sunny :)

  3. Thanks Betsy;) No he won't be going away too often. He gives the orders and intends to use this authority LOL!

    Hi Sunny;) thanks, strange to think you are entering autumn.

  4. Must be a good feeling seeing life come to "spring" again in and about your environ.

    Thanks for stopping by and following us. Delighted, too, to follow your what's going on in your space.


  5. Hi Jo, I have been very busy for the past few days so have been catching up on your posts. The sandstorm looks fearsome especially when you are alone.Homesickness hits in the most unexpected ways and it is natural to miss the familiar things, hubby is back now safe and sound and I hope you enjoy your time last! We are midway through our autumn,nights are getting darker earlier and much colder so your spring photos are lovely and I can look forward to it to come here.

  6. Hello Jo! Am back again!

    I accidentally tracked you down at Calabanga360 blog and you look so familiar to me so after sometime of getting busy with other blogs, I thought of popping in to say Hello.

    So we do have the same trend of the season? We are now in Springtime down under style.

    For being less cheerful, we do have moments like that from time to time. Like you said, nature is the best therapy for that matter.

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. I do enjoy the fact that spring is in the air!


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