Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Family time, precious...

During March this year, John, Debbie and the children came to wait for the birth of their third child. One morning I asked my grandchildren if they'd like to help me make pizzas for. They both shouted "YES!"
We had great fun in the kitchen that morning, rolling out the dough...

...shaping it...
...and pressing it into the pizza pans.

My pizza dough recipe is my very own, originated from me. It is a family secret. Only Debbie knows how it's made because she has watched me. I have no written instructions or list of ingredients. Here in our town we can buy bread dough from the bakery or frozen pizza bases from the supermarket. You line the pizza pans, add your topping and bake. This works well for many people. I, however, prefer my own dough recipe and to all who eat my pizzas agree that the crust is perfect. So, while trying to remain modest (LOL!), I believe my pizzas are tops as I have the opinions of the best judges!

Above is a bacon, pineapple, green pepper, olives, spring onions, fresh basil, ground black pepper pizza, topped with mozarella cheese and baked to perfection.

The vegetarian pizza has pinapple, cherry tomatoes, olives, green pepper, spring onion, feta cheese, fresh basil, ground black pepper, topped with mozarella cheese, and baked to perfection The family enjoying Jo's special pizzas out in the garden

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  1. I simply love the photo of you at work in your kitchen, Jo ! Your pizza's look absolutely delcious and I agree .... nothing beats homemade ;)

  2. Mouth watering! Looks really, really delicious - lovely photos

  3. Lyk heerlik! Henk hou van 'n dun en "crispy" kors, maar ek is nog op winkel basisse! Lekker week verder...!

  4. Gee, those pizza's look yummy! I love pizza...it is one of my favorite things to eat.

  5. Jo, Your pizzas look delicious! Were the grandkids covered in flour by the end of the day?
    Won't you please give me your recipe??? Please, please, please!

  6. and here i am drooling over your pizza, they look delicious!

  7. Jo,
    Your pizza's look scrumptious. What fun in the kitchen.
    Sunny :)

  8. Sounds wonderful Jo... Your crust looks YUMMY... That's the kind I like --which puffs up and is not so thin and dry... I would LOVE your pizza. My hubby would eat the meaty one and I'd eat the veggie one... YUM!!!!!


  9. Yum, I love pizza, and homemade crust is the best. I used to do that with the kids but now I'm lazy and buy frozen pizzas then add my own favorite toppings. I'll take a slice of the vegie please.

  10. The pizzas look delicious,Jo.I am sure the kids and you enjoyed the day in the kitchen.Lots of ideas for topping combinations too.
    I was reading a previous post and was intriqued to read taking photos of structures is frowned on?!

  11. That looks FABULOUS! I think you have just inspired me to make pizza one night this week. Although, I'll have to suffice with King Arthur Flour's dough recipe..

  12. Great photos! They look so delicious. :) Homemade pizza is something I make weekly because my kids enjoy it so much.

  13. Thanks Lynda! I'm sure you can relate to baking and cooking with a few eager young 'uns at your elbow!

    Thanks Wolynski;) they are tasty too!

    Hi Ida;) jy moet laat ek vir jou 'n baksel maak - dan rol jy dit dun uit - dit is altyd bros.

    Hi eileen ;)you can never go wrong with any age person when you offer pizzas!

    LOL Dedene;) yes, the children, the table, the floor and everything in between was covered in flour. Come and visit me in my beautiful country and I'll serve you pizza in the garden!

    Hi syel;) they are delicious.

    Hi Sunny;) the children always LOVE helping me in the kitchen. As a gran, I'm not half as fussy as a mom about the mess, so we all have GREAT fun.

    Hi Betsy;) sometimes I load my vegetarian pizza with so many items I have to eat it with a knife and fork!

    Hi Gaelyn;) Yes, frozen works well with your own topping. But when you come to SA, come and visit and I'll serve you pizza in the garden (just collect Dedene from France and we'll have a great party!)

    Hi Peggy, thanks the children and I enjoyed making these pizzas immensely. I'll pop over to your blog shortly.

    Hi Heart of a Cowgirl:) I hope you enjoy your pizza. Normally frozen bases work well if you can add your own topping (cheaper too)

    Hi Kim:) don't kids just LOVE pizza. I can always count on our little ones eating all their food when it's pizza! Good to see you again.

  14. You are a wonderful Grandma. They will remember that time forever. I like the look of your pies.

  15. I am generally not a pizza lover but your pizza photos look so scrumptious I'd be happy to eat them.

  16. My mouth is watering looking at these pizzas!


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