Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Grass Widowed Again!

Saying goodbye at 4.30 yesterday morning

Recently my husband has been negotiating with a large concern to commission their vehicles down in the south. We thought he’d be flying out by the end of this week. On Sunday he met the management again, who wanted him and a technician to fly down on Monday morning.

He came home quite late that day and we had to go back into to the city to exchange money. When we’d done that we rushed into the supermarket, which looked as though it was about to close. We sped about throwing items into a basket. This is not an economical way to shop, especially not in this part of the world where everything is already so expensive.

At the same time, my husband was trying to find someone to drive him and the technician to the airport and bring take his vehicle back to the workshop. (I’m not yet au fait with the traffic; at this stage, I’d have to have a tranquiliser to be able to venture into it and that would make things worse. Just joking! ) At 7.30pm the company accountant phoned him and said he’d found a driver. Problem solved.

We set the alarm for 3.45am on Monday and tried to have an early night. Hubby was worried though, because he’d be leaving me alone in this huge, strange city with not a soul to look out for me. The General Manager, Admin (owner of the budgies we’re bird-sitting) and who lives in the flat below ours, is away in the USA. The night watchman, who would be available to help me with anything and who starts the generator when the power fails - which is normally twice a day, every day - is away across town at the hospital. His wife had a baby on Saturday and he said he’d be back here within two days. Now that could mean anything up to two weeks in “Africa time". All these things kept us awake for quite a while.

However, when the alarm woke us, we were both ready to get up. My husband had packed his bag, dressed and had a breakfast of cereal and fruit. Just before he left, we broke bread and prayed together for his and the technician's safety. They were venturing into an area where there has been unrest and war for many months; we also prayed for my wellbeing here at home.

The men arrived at their destination at 6 last night. They had a very long wait at one point and eventually caught their connecting flight.

As for me here at home,every morning I ask God to keep the power on for the day and every night I thank Him for doing so. His power is far greater than the Sudanese Electricity Board.


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  1. Oh Bless Your Heart.... You go north to see hubby--and he has to leave. That's a BUMMER---as we say here in the USA (south)...

    Hope your electricity stays on while he is gone.

    Good Luck --and PRAYERS,

  2. Hope the electricity stays on and the building manager returns soon. Good thing you're such a brave and self-sufficient lady.

  3. You tell the best stories. Have faith. Hope the power stays on and you & hubby remain safe.

  4. Wow! you do have an exciting life! I thought you were still in the Free State.Who is looking after your dogs?

  5. Great adventure! Prayers for you.

  6. Prayers are a great support in times like this!
    Hope you are keeping fine and safe.

  7. Darn ! I hate last minute plans, but your hubby could not get out of this. I sincerely hope that all is well with him & you back home.

    Have faith that everything will be fine for you both & be strong.

  8. Aye, Betsy. All's well here, thanks for your prayers. Bless you too my friend.

    Thanks Janie, I've lived alone for ten years, but always where everything is familiar.All's well here tonight though!

    Thanks Gaelyn:) you're a dear lady for caring as all my blogger friends are.

    Hallo Eleanor! I've been here in North Africa for the past ten days. My older son and dil are kindly taking care of EVERYTHING for me and of course, Emily my dear housekeeper, is also there. Thanks for popping in.

    Thanks Regina, bless you for that.

    Thanks Indrani, your prayers and kind support is appreciated.

  9. Jo,
    My thoughts are with you. I hope your husband won't be gone too long. Be safe.
    Sunny :)
    P.S. Thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog.

  10. Thanks Sunny;) he'll be home on Thursday evening.

  11. Hi Jo, stay safe.You barely got there when your poor husband was shifted again!

  12. Hi Peggy, that's true! He should be home tomorrow (Thursday night) Hugs Jo


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