Friday, September 11, 2009

North vs South

I took the above photo during August in South Africa. This Hadeda Ibis is sitting on the electric wire in the street just beyond my garden. Note the excellent state of the wiring against the crisp blue winter sky.

I took this photo last week from the balcony of our flat in Khartoum. If you enlarge the photo you'll see the sparrow has it's beak open; even the birds feel the incredible heat here. Notice the difference in the wiring...
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  1. It's amazing for me to learn about both North and South Africa... There really is a HUGE difference, isn't there? You probably have told me--but how long will you stay there? Hubby?


  2. Very nice shots Jo, I love the colors in the header pic as well.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  3. Maybe the little bird has his beak open because his little feet are getting toasted on the not so good wiring and is saying "Ouch!"
    Just joking!
    There is definitely a difference.
    Sunny :)

  4. Poor little sparrow: he looks quite pooped.

  5. Hi Betsy;) I've been asked this question before and soon I'll post all the differences. It is different, I promise! Hubby intends to stay here as long as possible, he has a year by year contract and I'll stay with him for however long he is here. Thanks for always popping in, (((Hugs))) Jo

    Thanks, Guy;) I had to change my header from my garden in South Africa to the view from our flat's balcony here in Khartoum.

    LOL Sunny, I always ask the birds on the wire if their feet are burning, but they just look at me with their beaks open-Ha-ha!

    Hi Julie, fortunately there are always puddles around in the streets so they get enough water. We're also only a stone's throw from the Mighty Nile River! Welcome to my blog.

  6. The ibis is such a unique-looking bird..I recall seeing pictographs with ibises in them from ancient Egyptian artifacts.

    I can just feel the heat when I view the photo of the open-beaked sparrow. Have a great time in SA with your hubby.

  7. Sure is a noticeable difference between N & S. You're sounding a little homesick.

  8. Lovley capures.
    Happy weekend to all.

  9. A great pairing - I'm fascinated to see yoru views of Khartoum...

  10. Thansk for sharing your bird photo's. I love to see birds from all over.

  11. Neat wiring on th first photo but most of all beautiful skies with the birds adding focus.

  12. Neat sky photo with the birds.
    Kind of have resemblance on mine without the birds but I centered on the tangled wires.
    Havea good SWF weekend, Jo.



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