Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Awesome God

The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those who are fully committed to Him 2 Chronicles 19:9a

With my hubby’s unexpected trip down south and the fact that it's happened while I 'm completely alone in the city, got me thinking about several things that took place during the time leading up to his departure.

Firstly on Friday, the gas bottle for the stove ran empty. My husband had a full bottle under the stairs and within a few minutes had brought it up to the kitchen, exchanged the old one for new and my cooking could continue.

The next day, I felt the heat in the lounge- cum-home office increasing steadily. When hubby came home from work, I asked him to check if the air conditioner was working. Our antiquated air-cooling systems are wall mounted units which you can read about here. Sure enough when he checked, he found that the fan belt had broken and no cold air was being emitted. He popped down to the storeroom in the yard where he keeps all sorts of spares and returned with a new fan belt. He quickly took off the covers, removed the broken part and replaced it with the new one, and our air-cooling system was up and running again.

On Sunday evening he stepped into the shower, turned on the tap and ... no water. He dressed again, went down into the courtyard where we have a pressure pump which pumps water up to our flat on the first floor. He did something there and within half an hour we had water in the flat again.

I’m not a DIY lady at all and don’t ever aspire to be. LOL! Yet God in all His wisdom knew that my husband would be out of town so all the problems occurred while I still had my incredibly capable man at home.

Praise the Lord!

Note: An update on the power situation/absentee night watchman: The latter has still not come home and the power is still on. What an awesome God we serve. Amen!


  1. Oh US of little faith!!!! Why can't we just always know that God will take care of us... BUT--our faith is not always as strong as it should be, is it?????

    Thanks be to God that everything is going well for you while hubby is gone. I pray that it will continue to be FINE. As you said, our Awesome God is in control...


  2. Halleluiah!
    I'm so happy that your power is still on.
    May God keep you safe while your husband is gone.
    Sunny :)

  3. Good to hear that so many problems were preempted before your husband left. Now, if the power will just keep going and all else will stay in line...

  4. Hi Jo,

    Remember Murphy's law? It seems to like people who are in transistion!
    But then, you are blessed to have a DIY hubby; very thoughtful too, I may add.
    It's always humbling to remember the little blessings in life.

    I'm just keeping my cool until departure Monday p.m.Things seem to be OK for the moment; phew !

    Take care ;)

  5. My! You have been busy while I have been away. You have a mighty handy hubby there. Hope all stays well while he is away.

  6. God always there for us every time we need it. He is truly an awesome God...

    Life's Journey

  7. Jo, I'm thinking of you there all alone, hopefully you won't have any problems at all whilst your hubby is away - he'll be back before you know it :)

  8. Hi Jo, you were truly bless when you married that man. I think whatever could go wrong, did go wrong and he was there to fix it, Yea:)
    God doesn't always give us what we want but he definitely gives us what we need... so I'm sure all will be fine while hubby's away.
    Thanks for stopping by...
    be Well, be Happy :) Pam

  9. Amen! He cares for the little birds, and how much more God cares for us. You have a wonderful husband, too. ((hugs)) from Pat....I got that from you...It's so tender and caring.

  10. Hi Betsy:) thanks, it's so easy to look at the waves and then you begin to sink. Thanks for your prayers and support.

    Aye, amen, Sunny, He sure has cared for me and continues to do so!

    Thanks, Janie, definitely. I believe it will.

    Too true, Barbara! I appreciate my capable husband. You must be looking forward to your trip!

    Hi diane;) welcome back. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely holiday photos and posts. Yes, I came up North during the same week you went on holiday. My husband is very handy, I'm truly thankful for that.

    Hi momgen;) yes, He is undeed awesome. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Lynda;) good to see you again! Thanks you are such a stalwart friend. Bless you for that.

    Hi Pam;) yes, he did fix everything in time. God definitely answers prayers even if not always the way we expect them, but better. Thanks for visiting.

    You are so sweet, Pat, thanks for your kind words...


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