Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Precious Time Together

Frikkadels (meatballs) are one traditionally one of the foods for padkos
(read below)

During the past two weeks that we've been home in South Africa, we've had a wonderfully blessed time with our family. Last week we made a missions trip to Johannesburg which I'm sure Debbie will blog about. Normally when we undertake a road trip anywhere which is longer than an hour, I made food for the road (known as padkos) I've blogged about this before which you can read about here.

The family enjoying padkos and a necessary break on the way up to Johannesburg

Our younger son, Angus' six-month-old niece models his expected baby's new car seat
The littlest Hedges in her walking ring. Don't you just love the gorgeous legs?

The children above and below, enjoy the open spaces on our patio and in the garden

Tasting the powder before JoGran makes jelly for dessert

I've realised once more that the most important thing in the world is relationships. Making them, building them, nurturing them and prtecting them.

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  1. What a delightful family you have Jo. You are so right about close ties with people.

  2. Family, friends and good food are the ingredients for a great day--and blog. Love all of the pictures, Jo. Your grands are so gorgeous!!!

  3. You have a beautiful family. Relationships, indeed, are the most important and satisfying aspects of life.


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