Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Different View of the River Nile

Last week while driving back home from the city centre, we were caught up in the worst traffic jam I have ever experienced. (I'll post about it when I'm back in North Africa) We had to take a different route back to the flat. This was the first time I'd been across this bridge so I snuck a photo, taken through the vehicle window, of the river from this angle. (Images of structures, etc are not encouraged in this city)
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  1. thank you for nice sharing,best wishes.

  2. Taking photos make the traffic jam more bearable. Nice to see the Nile in all her faces.

  3. At least the river looks peaceful! I really thought that it would be far more crowded with boats!

  4. Thanks for sharing your part of the world. The Nile is such a famous river, it must be nice to see it in person.

  5. Great photo of an interesting place!

  6. It sure is a huge River. I can't keep up with your travels. Where are you now?

  7. Hi Jo, I've heard of the River Nile all of my life---but have never met anyone who 'lives' near there. Great picture. Sorry you got caught in a 'jam' though.

  8. Sorry about the traffic jam, but the view from the bridge is great.

  9. Hi ilhami;) welcome to my blog. I'll pop over and visit yours shortly.

    Hi Syel;) thanks for popping over. Your blog is just amazing. I scrolled down and enjoyed many of your previous posts.

    Hi Gemma;) on one of the many bridges we cross to get to the city, there is a lot more activitiy with barges and boats. It's a peaceful river, overall.

    Welcome eileeninmd;) thanks, it is a famous river, and my hubby and I will explore it more when we return to the Sudan next month.

    Hi Coffeedoff;) welcome to my blog. I'll pop over and visit yours shortly.

    LOL diane;) I felt a bit "out of it" myself. We're back home in South Africa; my husband's visa expired and it was more practical to come out now rather than at the beginning of Oct as originally intended. Thanks for always visiting!

    Hi Betsy;) yes, it's quite exciting to live a block away from the mighty Nile! Traffic jams are the order of the day in Khartoum, so this was quite "normal"!

    Hi Janie, thanks, the view is good.


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