Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birthday on Camp Mwadui

Last weekend we had a birthday celebration at the club. A gentleman, Fynus who works for the Client, celebrated his actual day on Sunday, but we all got together on Saturday to wish him.
The Client General Manager, Charl, (right) wishes Fynus for his birthday

Fynus is also a remote control airplane enthusiast. He spent six months and lots of money building a plane of immense proportions. Two weeks ago we drove out to a spot on a dam wall to watch him test it out. He got the plane off the ground and within minutes it was a mere speck in the sky. Just when I thought he was going to lose the plane, he managed to jiggle something on the control box in his hands and it swooped down to where we were standing. It touched down, smashed off something vital on the underbelly and took off again. Its next trick was to dive nose first into a large clump of thorn bushes. Grant and I left at this stage but we heard later from Marnitz that they helped Fynus retrieve his plane. It was in two pieces!

Of course the Client's chefs baked him a cake to suit his hobby!

Marnitz enjoying his dinner with Fynus' birthday cake beside him

One of the other men, Koos made potjiekos for dinner. This is a selection of meat, potatoes and other vegetbales cooked slowly over an open fired in a large black pot.
Expat lifestyle at its best!

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. That's amazing! Glad he wasn't hurt! Love the cake!! Hope your week is going well, Jo!

  2. Aw, so sad that Fynus's plane snapped in two on it's first flight. That plane cake is really special and the chefs outdid themselves! Look like you all had a wonderful time at the dinner. I'm having a great week so far and I hope you are too.

  3. Goodness! Happy Birthday Fynus!
    What an adventurer!!!

  4. The cake looks absolutely great ! real artwork !

  5. What a shame about Fynus' airplane. I hope he was able to repair it. That airplane cake is amazing. The Client's chefs are quite talented.

    Sorry about my absence for days on end--I've been doing spring cleaning in the summertime, getting ready for my niece and her family (6 total) who will be visiting us next week.


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