Thursday, August 23, 2012

Some bird photos

Once again on Sunday afternoon, we traveled a short distance outside the mine to spot birds. I've only posted two of several we saw and will post about the others later on.
We stopped to watch this Grey-headed Kingfisher for quite a while. It was hunting and kept swooping down to the ground and returning with something in its beak
Although we saw [D'Aunard's] barbet regularly  in Kenya, this is the first time I've seen this particular bird.As far as I can make out from my bird book, it's a distinct species called the Usambiro Barbet

I trust you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. Fascinating birds you have there, Jo. If and when we ever manage to get to Africa, I'm sure you and Grant will be in a different country, so I'm going to enjoy these birds while I can.
    Hugs to the cats. And hi from Lindy.
    Luv, K

  2. Hi Jo, I always love seeing all of the different--and of so pretty---birds you have there... The Kingfisher is gorgeous --but I also loved the little Barbet... What a cutie...

  3. Two beauties and great photos. The Kingfisher reminds me of our Kookaburra, which is also a Kingfisher but not so colourful.

  4. Beautiful birds, Jo! Great shots!

  5. Excellent pictures, but I will quickly leave your post Arthur is around :) ! If you want to see my "men" growing go here

  6. Great photos of two unusual and beautiful birds!

  7. What a joy it is to see the birds of Africa. You captured their beauty perfectly, Jo.
    Blessings :)


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