Saturday, August 4, 2012

Caspian Guest House News

Many of my readers will remember me posting about various aspects of the company guest house which I supervise. From inheriting six indoor lady staff and three men, Grant has made a few changes. Three of the ladies asked for transfers to different parts of the mine; he employed two male chefs and with an extra chef-in training I am slowly able to actually oversee operations without working eight hours a day. We also  have two askaris (gate guards) and two gardeners.

Every Thursday I have a formal meeting with the indoor staff. Here I praise them for work well done, I point out areas that need improvement, ask them to report back on their specific tasks and they also let me know if they need items in the guest house.

At the end of July, I called them all together (askaris and gardener included) to a special meeting. During the month I had observed which employee had shown the most diligence. They all work hard during the months,  but one lady stood out. This was one of the original women who had remained on our staff and who had helped me during a crisis period over the Easter Holidays.

After explaining that I had chosen an Employee of the Month / mfanyakazi a mweze, I then presented that person with a hamper of groceries and toiletries. I also printed the staff's photos on a poster with the employee of the month in the center.This poster is on the kitchen wall where the men can see it as they come in for meals and to remind the other staff members that they could be the next winner!
The poster erected on the kitchen wall to encourage others. (The other gardener, Mataluma and Regina my house-lady together with a third askari, Michael, were on leave during July)

Salome was one of the cooks in the all-female staff, while doing the laundry and cleaning three of the six rooms. She now does the laundry (they have washing machines) and ironing while cleaning two of the rooms. A true stalwart and worthy winner of my first Employee of the Month Award. 

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Great news!
    Congratulations to Salome!

  2. What an excellent idea !! that will stimulate them for doing a good work !

  3. This is a wonderful way to recognize people for outstanding work! It's a great motivator, too, I'm sure.


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