Sunday, August 5, 2012

Clever cats

Ambrose is not afraid of heights!

While Regina was on leave, Pendo helped me in my house. Every morning she cleans the kitchen (washing Grant's cereal bowl, our coffee cups, the cats food bowls) and then she sweeps the kitchen floor. As she fills the bucket with soapy water and immerses the mop into it, Ginger jumps off the chair in the lounge where he's sleeping and trots into the kitchen. Shadow jumps off my bed, and sits atthe dining room/kitchen door. Ambrose wanders in sleepily from his bed on the veranda and flops down on the floor behind Shadow.

The reason for all this unusual activity? The cats know that as soon as Pendo has mopped the floor, she will fill their cookie bowl with cat cookies (it's been two hours since breakfast you know!), the other bowl with dried fish which I buy locally, and the third bowl with fresh bottled water. As Ginger is the senior cat, he gets first go at the cookie bowl while Shadow eats a little fish and Ambrose looks on. Eventually they all have their turn and satisfied, they pad off to sleep in their various favorite spots for the rest of the day! 
 As Pendo reaches for the cookie jar, Ginger waits patiently. Shadow closes in, while Ambrose waits on the chair.

As I said: clever cats!

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  1. I don't think I have ever seen a cat on top of a door, how on earth does Ambrose get there? Have a good day Diane

  2. Oh yes cats are very clever ! Arthur never eats his supper before he hasn't checked what we would eat !!

  3. That Ambrose is once clever kitty!! How does he do that! Well, I think you try to do whatever gets you a TREAT!!! Hope you guys have a great, treat-filled week!!

    Sam Schnauzer

  4. Our cats know when I'm going to get their food ready too--I'm glad when I see them come running to their eating area.

  5. Wow, Ambrose has a fabulous sense of balance, Jo. Of course, he's young.
    And those cats either hear Pondo doing the pre-cat-treat chores, or they have built-in clocks like Lindy has.
    She always knows when it is noon, and when it is 6pm, time for her lunch and her supper. Her breakfast time depends on when she wakes up. Then she decides which of us should wake up with her. I feed her, then put her out in the yard and go back to sleep. Dick feeds her, puts her out, and has his breakfast. He has tried, but can't go back to sleep.

  6. I think Ambrose would be good on the balance beam in cat gymnastics.

    Your cats are so smart, knowing what's coming!


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