Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visiting hours

On Tuesday Amanda collected me to join her in a trip to the hospital. We were, of course going to visit the children and give them a selection of toys she'd made since her last visit on Friday. Two of the original children in traction that I posted about here, remained while there was a new patient in the ward, a tiny baby with a broken hip.

Shortly the baby's mother, the other child's mother and the oldest boy's grandmother appeared in the ward doorway, chatting away like all women do when they're together! When I asked the baby's mother how it had been injured, she giggled and said she had dropped him from her hip onto the concrete floor...

However, all three women immediately went to their respective charges to see if they needed anything, which was encouraging. Once there they thanked Amanda profusely for the toys she had given to each child. For the baby she placed a soft cuddly ball nearby so that the child would see it upon waking up.

We gauged this baby to be younger than a year. Any grandmothers or pediatric nurses reading this post are welcome to add their opinions.  The cuddle cloth ball near the baby's face, is made from off-cuts and sewn by hand
 In my last post about the children in hospital, this little lad had a tiny visitor. Today Amanda presented him with a monkey/spider toy made with bendable wire which could be suspended above the bed. After thanking her for the toy, he asked for a ball. These children love balls! Since my last visit, the bandages around the patients' legs had become rather tatty. Grant agreed that we could bring in a box of gauze rolls from South Africa as the hospital simply doesn't have enough to go around
The last time I posted about this child, he was clutching a doll since Amanda thought he was a girl. She since found out from the mother that he's a boy hence the "genderless" toy above. We had a little chuckle because this child had kept looking under the skirt of the doll at the bloomer which Amanda had glued stitched to the toy. So it's not all gloom and doom when we visit these children. Often we share lighter moments such as these! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful week.


  1. How kind and generous of Amanda to distribute her hand made toys to the hospitalized children.
    God bless her.

  2. How sweet they are!! Bless their Hearts!!!
    The baby could be anywhere from 12 to 20 months old... hard to tell.
    Jo, is it possible for me to get your address? I was thinking I could gather up gauze and mail it to you to give to the pedi unit or where it's needed most. At least that way, I'd know it would get to where it's needed! I don't know if you can accept packages like that?
    Let me know...

  3. I hope that mother giggled only because she was embarrassed about dropping her baby onto a concrete floor. That's pretty shocking! You and Amanda are so generous, sweet and kind for caring about and bringing gifts to these little children. Keep up the good work!

  4. It is kind of you and Amanda, to make and give the sick children toys. I am sure they are all tickled receiving the toys. They are probably happy with some company while they are laid up in a hospital bed too. Great post, Jo!

  5. The dear children are so cute and I'm so blessed to read that you and Amanda are bringing cheer and joy to these little ones. I know it makes such a difference to them when someone pays attention to them.

    I was so sad to hear how the one mother dropped her child. How painful that must have been and what damage to the child. I am grateful they could get some treatment at hospital as I know how difficult that can be in Africa if you don't have the means.

  6. How nice of both of you to visit a children's hospital ! Poor baby ! When I think how hysterical my son is with his now toddler !

  7. Hi Jo! What a wonderful post of your visit with the children. Your kindness is being noticed by the Heavenly Father. Our Lord said, "Of such is the kingdom of heaven." May they all be rapidly restored to health.

  8. I can't imagine...your thoughtfulness must make such a difference to these children.


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