Sunday, August 12, 2012

Little Joy

I've posted about this little kitten who lives in an appliance and kitchenware shop in Shinyanga. I've taken plates, bowls and toys for the cat as well as a weekly supply of cat food in cans. However, every time I visit the shop (once a week), I find the bowls crusted with dirt and old food, the water bowl empty and the little cat, named Joy, ravenous. Every time I kneel down on the floor and spoon food from a new tin (brought from our vast cat grocery store at home) into Joy's bowl. Every time the little cat approaches gingerly but as it smells the delicious jellied meats, it dives in, growling and mewling. Every time I speak to my friends, the three shop assistants and explain that the cat needs food at least twice a day and as I supply the food, would they please feed it. Every time they promise faithfully but I suspect little Joy has food from Wednesday (when I go to Shinyanga) to Sunday and then the enthusiasm, diligence, "care" of it's owners dwindles even though I leave enough food for another three to four days. 

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  1. it is sad that the shopowners dont care...

  2. OmWord!! How Sad! Can't you just bring the kitty Home with you? You Know they're Not going to feed it...Grrrrrrr! Wonder where the food is Going?

  3. Some people don't deserve to have pets. If the cat is considered a true pet and not just a mouser expected to feed itself.

  4. Sad to see them not taking care of her, Jo... Do you think they want to get rid of her? Maybe you could 'adopt' her..... Whatever happens, I'm glad you can help....

    I've been on blogging break for a week --and am just now getting back into blogging. Hope you have had a good week.

  5. Joy is lucky to have a caring neighbor. Too bad the owners don't take responsibility.

  6. Maybe the cat food is so good that they eat it themselves ? I am not joking, once the husband of a friend came home late, was hungry took out a tupperwear and made himself a pâté sandwich. The next morning he told his wife she should always buy this paté as it was so good. And then she told him that in the tupperwear was the cat food ! Lol ! He didn't care as apparently it was really good !

  7. I would love to be able to adopt little Joy. My "best cat ever" had similar markings. He was white, with one black ear, a black patch under the other ear, and a black tail. He really was a joy. He loved people, kittens, and puppies, and would visit various neighbors every morning on his "rounds". He knew when people were unhappy, and made it his job to comfort them.
    Those shopkeepers don't know what a treasure a real pet cat is, or they wouldn't let little Joy get so hungry.
    Luv, K

  8. Aww, poor little Joy. (S)he is fortunate to have a benefactor in you. Is it common for people there to neglect their pets? I was wondering the same thing as was Gattina--could it be that the shop assistants are eating the food? Perhaps "westerners" put their pets at a much higher priority than do non-western Africans. I hope Joy finds a better home.


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