Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday afternoon birding

As usual yesterday evening, Grant and I drove out of town to the outskirts of the mine for a spot of birding. No sooner had we driven a few hundred meters, when I asked him to stop. There on a power line, sat a kingfisher. This gloriously coloured bird sat so still that I managed to get a series of photos.

Grey-headed Kingfisher - my first spotting of this bird in Tanzania

We saw and stopped to photograph many other birds, including a few raptors which I am still trying to identify, but I will post about them later. Meanwhile we traveled along the dam - which is our turning point - and spotted a flock of herons in and near the water.

Black-headed Heron

At the dam, Grant stopped so that I could photograph whole families of duck and some solitary dab-chicks.

White-faced duck glide serenely between the lily pads and blooms

On our way back, we stopped to watch a coucal hopping from branch to branch in a shrub near the road. 
 White-browed coucal

As mentioned above, these are just a few of the birds we spotted yesterday. I will post about the others later this week. 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead. 


  1. What wonderful bird you have around Jo! Love the kingfisher and the coucal.

    Things may be starting to look up a bit here. Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  2. Nice shots. That Kingfisher looks terribly out of proportion with a small body and big head and bill.

  3. Interesting birds, Jo. My husband has talked about birding for a long time, and is actually going out with a Naturalists' group soon, so I'm hoping he'll have found himself a hobby. He's pretty good with a camera, too.

  4. love the first little fella... big head...small body!

  5. Great captures of the birds. The kingfisher is so pretty and colorful.

  6. These are lovely shots, Jo! It's so nice to get a taste of Africa through your blog when I can't go there myself...:)

    Have been out of touch but will try to do a better job of visiting...have a great week!

  7. These are great bird close-ups you have captured, Jo! You captured the details of their coloration and feathers. I love the Grey-headed kingfisher with its sky-blue feathers and bright orange bill.

  8. So beautiful. We are off to Botswana soon and I am really looking forward to seeing some African birds again!


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