Friday, October 11, 2013

Back home in Mwadui

At last I'm able to sit at my desk and do a post. We arrived home late on Monday but between then and now (Friday), it's been all systems go. Apart from getting back into the swing of the Guest House operations, I've visited my friends on the WDL camp, bonded with our [now five cats] and spent wonderful hours in the garden with three of said cats. 

Speaking of my garden, it rained in Mwadui while we were away, and with dear Michael tending the flower beds and lawn, and cossetting the herbs and vegetables, it is a lush wonderland of greenery and welcoming coolth!

The lettuce, parsley (flat-leafed and moss) as well as the basil, fennel, sage and oregano was bursting out of the containers. Michael and I have transplanted all the small lettuce plants to beds in the garden

Michael had the privilege (his word not mine) of watching Ginger in the garden every morning in between sweeping, watering and tidying the patio. Shadow, because of his disobedience and near-death experience last month, had to remain indoors with Ambrose for the three weeks we were out. Shadow seemed very happy when I took him out for the first time again on Tuesday morning. Ambrose, of course, just followed his Unca Shadow and Dad Ginger around the garden. 

Shadow was thrilled to be outside after three weeks indoors. Michael kept saying Shadow is enjoying his freedom again!

The two little kittens have grown into enormous teenagers. Tipsy now weighs 5kg while Topsy tipped the scales at 4.4kg. As soon as the weekend is behind me, I'm going to arrange for the vet, Dr Mwaluko from Mwanza to pay us a visit. They both need their Identipet chips inserted and to have their inoculations administered. They both need to be snipped. Then I can think about slowly integrating them into the Hedges Cat-society in our house! (They both still occupy a sealed off part of our house while the "big" cats have use of the rest of the house!)
Quite amazing to thing that these little guys have grown...

... into this  (Topsy playing with my camera lens cover)

and this! (Tipsy, who is larger than his brother, taking a swipe at my camera lens cover)

 Topsy relaxing after an evening of playing hard
 Tipsy poses beautifully for me! 

Here's wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead!   


  1. I know the cats are delighted to have you back home!! Fun captures for the day, Jo! And your plants look wonderful!! Enjoy being home and have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Jo, Glad to hear that you made it back. I'm sure you missed all of your kitties and that they missed you.

    Welcome back.

  3. So nice to hear you are safely back to your Tanzanian home and that you are enjoying your luscious garden and playful cats. I can see they are so happy to have you home. The last photo with Tipsy's pose is priceless :-)

  4. Welcome home, Jo! Your garden looks beautiful! And I love all your cute kitties! I am sure they are glad to have their Mum home too. Have a happy weekend!

  5. The garden looks lush. And so the family grows.

  6. Wow! The garden looks wonderful and so do all the kittys!!

  7. I bet the kitties are very glad to have mommy home.

  8. You keep the two tuxi cats ? So you have five now. Why don't they go back to their initial owners. I must have missed something. They look like my Rosie. Shadow certainly enjoys the garden now !


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