Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thin pickings of birds last weekend

It was a hot windy morning when Grant and I went out birding last Saturday. Although we saw many birds (mainly waterbirds), the sun was high in the sky and I just couldn't get decent photos. (or perhaps I need to upgrade my camera, mmm?)

At the dam, we saw a large flock of pelicans on the opposite side but they were too far away for me to get them in focus. There was the normal variety of Spoonbills, Egrets, Herons, White-faced Duck and Red-knobbed Coots. But again, I just couldn't get any nice photos. However, a smallish flock of Sacred Ibis feeding in the middle-distance and their squiggly reflections in the water,  provided one photo.
Sacred Ibis with a couple of fuzzy-image duck in the foreground

Driving back along the road, a Grey-headed Kingfisher flew across our path and sat in a tree. I took photos of it, but the branches got in the way. 
Grey-headed Kingfisher partly obscured by branches 

As we were almost turning back onto the haul road which leads back to town, I saw a Grey-headed Kingfisher perched on the power lines next to the road.  I took several photos of this bird while it sat quite unperturbed by the strange presence some distance below it!
Grey-headed Kingfisher perched on the power line above our vehicle

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  1. HI Jo It can be frustrating when the birds are just out of range for ones camera however you did get a good photo of the last shot. Great to see different Kingfishers.

  2. A constant problem with birds, they're flighty. I love the brilliant colors on the kingfishers.

  3. What a colourful cute bird. That's a grand shot!

  4. Enjoying the day always wins, getting good images is a bonus, the Kingfisher made sure your day was complete....

  5. What a beautiful kingfisher! You are lucky to have so many large and largish birds in you vicinity. My eyesight is no longer good enough to see anything smaller than that kingfisher unless it is near by and moves.

  6. That gray headed kingfisher is a beauty! Love all the vivid colors - even his bill! Beautiful bird!

  7. What and interesting life style you have, I mlove the Kingfishers they are a very stricking bird.
    All the best Gordon.

  8. What a great looking bird! They are the ones that always hide behind the branches!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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