Thursday, October 17, 2013

Operation Cats and Dog Mwadui

Today as this post is read by my dear blogger friends, I will be "in theater". I've notified all (my husband, Paul the chef, Regina, my house lady and anyone else looking for me), I'm not available until the two cat procedures and one dog operation is over.

I've liaised several times on the telephone with Dr Mawaluko . You have to do this in Africa. For instance, I spoke to the good doctor early Tuesday morning and said he'd be accommodated in a Guest House in town on Wednesday night so he need only travel down from Mwanza during the afternoon. (the trip takes about two hours) This morning he phoned me after 8am and said he'd be in Mwadui today "after two hours" which means within two hours from 8am, so could he start when he arrives. So I said, no Doctor, the animals haven't been starved and our arrangement was for us to start at 8am on Thursday. He said he understood and would travel as far as Shinyanga where he had business and be with me in the morning. I had to contact my long-suffering husband to cancel the Guest House arrangement!

As soon as I've finished this post (which I'm doing on Wednesday afternoon!), I will find the Micro-chips and new syringes which we brought from South Africa. I also have blank medical card/books from our vet in SA which the vet will fill in after the ops tomorrow. 

Tomorrow morning early, I'll take the high kitchen table to Grant's very large bathroom. There is plenty of light from the half-way wrap-around windows and the overhead fluorescent is bright too. There are five electric wall plugs (health and safety, mmm?) in this bathroom, so we will have a fan on us at all times. It's very important for the animal to stay cool under anesthetic, so as we've finished with one cat, I will settle him on a towel on the floor in by air-conditioned bedroom. Then we'll continue with the next cat neutering. 
Tipsy and Topsy will be feeling a little woozy by the afternoon

After the cats' procedures, we'll bring Honey, the guard dog onto my enclosed veranda, having taken the table there, and I'll assist the vet while he spays her. I'm still trying to work out what to do with my own three original cats at this stage. They love lying on the veranda during the day. Hopefully they won't mind being moved into the lounge for while. Fortunately there is a half-screen door between the lounge and veranda as my cats don't do dogs very well! 
 My three older cats love sleeping on the veranda

They also love the sofa and easy chairs in the lounge...

...the cat tree...

...and Shadow loves the dining chairs under the table

At least in the lounge and dining room they have a sofa, two easy chairs, the dining chairs (which Shadow loves) and their cat tree. Phew!  

Please cross fingers that all goes according to plan and ends well for the animals. 



  1. You are a well prepared assistant. Things will be good.

  2. I see you have transformed your house into a pet hospital ! I wished I could help you it wouldn't bother me. When something important is necessary I never faint !
    Good job done !

  3. HI Perhaps it is all over now and everything is OK. Not something one would d in the UK! Interesting.

  4. Oh My Goodness.... Hope it all goes well. Sounds like you are very organized--and ready to get this DONE and OVER.... Good Luck!!!

  5. If you ever settle down in one spot, you could get a job in a veterinary hospital.
    Fingers crossed, awaiting the results.
    Luv, K

  6. Wow Jo, you always amaze me with your organization and ability to step in as a veterinary assistant. The animals are so blessed :-)


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