Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Living away from your home country means you miss your children and their children terribly. Fortunately for modern grandparents that we're able to keep in contact with family and receive photos of the little ones via Skype, e-mail, Whatsapp and Facebook. 

John, Debbie and their five beautiful children live in Mozambique for six weeks and then they return to their home in the Drakensberg for a six week break. Until recently John's leave cycle and Grant's overlapped so we could see them in SA. But in September we were just a week out and we missed seeing them. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to receive photos of the whole family on my cell phone this afternoon. 

John tells me that Eryn and Joshua have graduated to the next Std 3 and Std 1 respectively;  Bethany, who's four and three- year-old Elijah are following a step-by-step course on reading. All four the older children can read. There are no i-pads, e-books, electronic games, television or cell phones for these children. They're beautiful, well-behaved, (I'm the Gran, right! So I'm biased, right!), highly intelligent and very healthy outdoorsy children.

Joshua, Eryn, Israel, Bethany and Elijah

While the his siblings learn and play, one year old Israel - now walking - is exploring and learning in his own way.
He is just like his daddy!

What a cutey! 
 Debbie, wonderful mother to our grandchildren and support to John

All above photo credits: John Hedges

As if I wasn't spoiled enough, at the same time, our daughter-in-law Amanda (in Marquard, South Africa) sent me photos of Joel and Abby. 
 Joel, 3 3/4 years, and Abby who's a two and a half. Aren't they poppets?  (Photo: Amanda Hedges)

This is my special world, showing our seven beautiful grandchildren. For more of other people's worlds, please click here 


  1. Oh, I love the pics of your grandchildren, Jo, they are SO beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing these!! Have a great week!!

  2. Thank goodness for the technology to bring far away families together. Kids are all growing so fast.

  3. Oh, they're precious, Jo. You're so fortunate.
    I get to be "Grandma Kay" to Dick's grandchildren, but he's the one they've bonded with, and his ex-wife is their grandmother.
    Meanwhile, I have one grandniece and three grandnephews, the youngest of whom just had his first birthday.
    My youngest niece just turned 12, and her brother will be 10 next month. They're my young brother Rob's children, and as close as I can get to grandchildren of my own.

  4. HI Jo Yes I am in the same baot as you with grandchildren far away. Your photos are lovely and very special. Treasure the memories.

  5. I can imagine it must be hard being so far from them, even with all the modern techs used to communicate.

  6. I have got 146 (!!!!) photos of my grandson ! Or my son does nothing or he has to exaggerate ! Toby handles IPads, Iphones and the TV like a professional at 3 ! But he has restricted hours for that.

  7. Zou lucky thing you. You're one up on me but I'm not complaining, just counting my blessings. Isn't it lovely when they are that age and learning something new every day? We had no TV until our children had finished secondary school. In consequence our grandchildren too are addicted to reading and all have great writing styles.

  8. What a bunch of cuties!! Just like their grandma!! :)

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  10. Such precious grandchildren!


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