Friday, October 25, 2013

Sunrises and skies over South Africa

During our holiday in South Africa in September, after a week at home, catching up on family, friends and home life, Grant and I loaded the bike and set off on a tour. As usual I have my little Sony Point and Shoot camera in my leather waistcoat which enables me to take photos while on the back of the bike.

I have many photos of this trip and hope to post them soon. But for today's meme, I thought I'd share these "sky" photos with you.
Sunrise on the first day on tour, taken between our home town, Marquard and the nearest city, Bloemfontein

Sunrise on the last day of our tour, taken just outside Somerset East

I love mountain passes (well, Grant, like all bikers, does too!) But I love to take photos as the bike enters the beginning, I feel hear Grant drop a gear and then he's in his element. He never wants to stop but I've learned to keep my eyes peeled for the signpost at the top of the post depicted the name and height of the pass. And I keep clicking!
Ascending Carlton Heights Pass 

 I didn't straighten the skyline as this is how you "do" a mountain pass on a motorcycle

 Wow, I managed to get the board while we whizzed past! 

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  1. Beautiful blue skies and terrific captures, Jo!! What a fun way to get shots for the day!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Very nice views from the bike!

  3. You are a great back seat shooter. I love your mountain roads. These images wet my desire to get back.

  4. HI Jo I can't be easy getting shots from a moving bike but you do pretty well.

  5. I would love to have a bike to tour around with like this.

  6. Ha, ha, and from the back of a bike too. Good for you Jo!


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