Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scary trip to Mwanza

Many readers will remember the many trips I made to the nearest (160km one way) town of Mwanza. I always used to do the grocery and market shopping for the Guest House. Fortunately, now Chef Paulo is taken to Shinyanga by Driver William where they do this with greater ease and for more rewards (I did it for the love of...)

However, as this post is aired, William will be driving me and Grant to Mwanza. This time it's for Grant to visit the dentist. He is very nervous of dentists and has postponed this visit for so long but now the time has come! I, of course, am going along to hold his hand. 

Once I've made sure that Grant is in the dentist's chair and being examined, William will take me a short distance across town to visit Dr Mawaluko. He forgot to stamp the kitten's vaccination certificate books last week and has promised to do it tomorrow. 

I also need to consult him about neutering/spaying several feral cats which my friend, Amanda is feeding in her garden. Every day I send left-over scraps from our Guest House kitchen to help her do this. But while it's kind to feed hungry strays, these  cats are getting stronger, tamer and more fertile by the day. So with the Client management's approval, we're going to try and solve this problem. (Watch this space!)

I hope you're all having a better day than Grant is!


  1. How can you hold his hand from across town? ;)

  2. Good luck to Grant! It must be one trip he is not looking forward to making.

  3. Are you going to try to spay the cats yourself?!?

    I don't like dentists either. I hope the dentist is good with the pain killer.

  4. Good idea to see what can be done about those feral cats, Jo.
    Hoping Grant is doing well.
    Hugs to the cats from Auntie Kay.

  5. I hope his dental visit went well and he didn't suffer.!


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