Saturday, October 26, 2013

The beautiful face of Africa

Over the past week, Grant has had four back-to-back functions with his expat and local staff members. More about these functions soon. 

Three of these parties were held at the local pool bar. I'd never been there except for the school-leavers' do which we held with the Client in August. Of course, with me attending these evenings,  Grant had a resident photographer (LOL!);  I spent part of each evening taking candid and posed shots of the guests. 

On the last night before the proceedings started in earnest, I managed to get a nice photo of Rosie, the barmaid. Rosie also attends to the club bar that we visit on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. (Remember, this is when Ambrose manages to hack into my laptop and do his posts!) 
 The beautiful Rosie wipes my glass before pouring me a soda water on ice with a slice of lemon!

Now, bar tender positions are generally held by women - always young and highly presentable women. Because of the nefarious nature of this job and the fact that the girls have to survive on tips from customers with which to augment their minimum wages, cause them to use "easier" means to survive.

While I cannot speak for all people, over the past year, I have watched Rosie's body language when she goes about her job. And I can almost vouch that she is a really decent girl. Not only does she clean the club during daylight hours after which she goes home and looks after her family, but she's also doing extra studies of an admin course. This beautiful lady wants to better herself and I applaud her for it. 

You go, Rosie! 

I hope you're all having a great weekend already.


  1. Do you all sit around in lovely big wicker chairs and sip gin and tonics?

  2. It is such a hard life for these women. I applaud those that work so hard.

  3. Ah, sundowners by the pool sounds divine.

  4. Such a beautiful young woman, I do hope she gets some better paid position to support her family.

  5. Rosie is a hard-working, motivated young woman! I wish for her much success.


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