Sunday, October 27, 2013

Double jointed kitty

Hi Bozo and all my mum's blog readers. It's Ambrose here. Once again our yoomens have gone out (they call it the club) and I was able to find very nice photos of me, Dad Ginger and Unca Shadow. My mum laughed while we were sleeping with our Mama Tiger yesterday. She took a photo of me saying I'm double - jointed. What is double-jointed? Mmm.
 Double-jointed left arm over the Mama Tiger's left arm! 
 All three kitties sleeping with Mama Tiger

 Unca Tigger and Dad Ginger are good friends and even share the cat tree now! 

 I keep watch from "our" veranda! 

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  1. Aww, the family portrait is sooo sweet.

  2. Hope you had a relaxing time when the folks were out at the Club!

  3. I do love your family portrait, Ambrose! Thanks for sharing with us and have a meowing good week!!

  4. Cute kitties, Jo! Love seeing them share the mama tiger and the cat tree. Have a happy day!

  5. Cool fotos, cute the second, love much, have a nice new week, here strong Wind.

  6. Looks like all of the kitties enjoy sleeping near the big tiger!!!!!

    Love the 'double-jointed' photo....


  7. All the kids... I mean kitties on the bed with the tiger is very cute. Take it from this guy

  8. Cute kitties. Do they ever escape from the veranda through those round open cinder blocks?


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