Thursday, October 31, 2013

Internet problems

Since Monday afternoon I experienced Internet problems. Although my connection tab told me that there was a connection, it kept showing it was fair to poor. I tried to upload my Tuesday post (quite a long one with many photos) and eventually gave up in despair. 

The next day I turned on my laptop again and had the same situation. I struggled through the day and didn't think to ask anyone as I'd heard that there was a problem with our local 3G towers. 

On Wednesday evening I asked our IT friend, Wessel if there was a problem with the Internet in town. He said no and asked why I asked. I told him what I was experiencing. When he asked me how long I'd had this problem and I said for more than two days, he reckoned I was very patient to struggle for so long without asking.  I assured him I tried everything without any positive results. So he said that he'd pop around to our home and have a look.

Like the true friend he is, Wessel and his young son, Wessie (diminutive name derived from Wessel) arrived at 7.30 last night. Wessel asked to see my WiFi which he set up in my spare room a year ago. There he discovered a faulty connection. He used pliers that I had in my cupboard and secured the wiring with tape. 


As he returned to my desk he checked the connection, tested my blog and asked me check on my e-mails (which had been hanging all this time!). All was perfect.

Once again, well done Wessel and thanks my friend.

So to all my blogger friends, thanks for your regular comments on my blog. I am back in blogland again and will visit your blogs soon.

I hope you're all having a great week.


  1. Wonderful to have someone who can and will be happy to help when there are problems!! Thank him for us as well, it's good to see you back online, Jo! Hope the remainder of your week goes well!!

  2. How handy to have such a friend. your own personal IT man.

  3. How fortunate to have IT handy.

  4. Jo, you are lucky to have such a great IT friend. Glad your connection is up and running again! Have a happy day!


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