Friday, March 27, 2015

Autumn Skies over the Free State

The sun's early morning rays over the golf course last week

I'm linking to SkyWatch Friday which you can visit here

Today is also the birthdays of two very special girls in the Hedges family. Eryn, who is 12 today and her sister, Bethany who is six. 
Eryn, 12, holding her littlest sister, Keren-Happuch (ten months old) 
Bethany, six, sharing a special moment with her cousin Abby

I remember the day so well when Eryn was born. She was our very first grandchild and a girl at that. The Hedges only produce sons! So we were very thrilled.

Then on Eryn's sixth birthday, she and Joshua (then three) were staying with me while their mom and dad were at the hospital in another town. I took Eryn and Joshua to Pre-primary school here in Marquard with a birthday cake for Eryn's which she would share with her class mates. When I collected the  two children at midday, everybody (including the teachers) wanted to know if the new baby had arrived yet. Fortunately she [Bethany] had, John had texted me mid-morning I could share the good news! 




  1. A very Happy Birthday to Eryn and Bethany!!! And great moody skies for Sky Watch, Jo!! Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy!!

  2. Please send a double birthday greeting to the girls. I wonder will this be the only time one girl will be twice as old as. The other. get Bethany to work that out

  3. She is a pretty little girl ! Happy birthday to her !

  4. Happy birthday to both your beautiful GIRLS... our family is heavy on the male side to

  5. Hello Jo, pretty sky capture.. Your grand daughters are beautiful. Happy birthday to Eryn and Bethany! Have a great weekend!

  6. Happy birthday to your lovely grandchildren. The sky in your area is beautiful. I like the view of the horizon.

  7. Happy Birthday to Eryn and Bethany, only a day after me. Seems like Bethany was the baby when I met that part of the family.

  8. Such pretty skies! Sending good birthday wishes.


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