Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Moving a parent

Today as this post is aired, Grant, I and Rina will be preparing to go to the retirement center. Since August last year, Grant's mum, Pam has stayed in a rented flat in the retirement center. Meanwhile Grant built a unit for her in the section which houses oldies: all ladies in this case. 

At 6.30 am, Grant will meet, Cliffie (whom we've watched grow up here in Marquard) to disconnect Pam's television and decoder in the flat and to reconnect it in the unit. 

By 7.30 John and a helper will arrive at our home to load the new bar fridge and wheel it down the road to the center. Once he and the other helper will carry furniture from Pam's flat to the unit - across the lawn. 

Rina will remove the curtains from the flat and rehang them in the unit. I intensely dislike hanging curtains. So I'll walk Pam along the indoor passage to the unit and sit her down on a chair which John would have carried over already. Then I'll return to the flat help our house-lady, Erica to clean the flat. By this time Rina will be supervise the placing of the bed and other furniture in Pam's new unit.

Once we're done there, Grant and John will load our large fridge onto the trolley and John will wheel it up the road to our home. I'm thrilled to have an extra fridge in the house again! 

By evening Pam will sit in front of her recently-connected TV and watch her favorite soap. We'll hopefully be home and relaxing after the day's toils! 

(PS I hope to take photos as we move!) 

Last week Rina and I popped down to see Pam. We didn't find her in the flat. We walked around the corner to see if she was visiting Pienkie. No Pienkie at home either.

Eventually Rina remembered that it was Thursday which means the town hairdresser, Tina, has salon hours in the center. We walked around to the salon and...

 Tina's wash and set is popular with the old ladies

Pienkie, my erstwhile neighbor, chatting while waiting for her turn in the chair

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  1. hoping all goes really well with the move and she is settled in in no time!

  2. Another busy day for the family.

  3. Oh good for you for moving Pam and hopefully it is all done now and you are resting. I know from personal experience just how much work and coordination it takes to set them all up in a new place. I once went through it 4x in one year and it wasn't even mom's idea! That was a real nightmare. Thankfully I haven't had to move in just over a year and I don't want to do it any time soon. Blessings and hugs to you, Rina, Grant and Pam. I hope she enjoys her new place immensely. xx

  4. Great account of what is about to happen. Both ladies are looking good.

  5. Hello Jo, the move sounds well planned out... I hope Pam enjoys her new place. Have a happy day!

  6. That's a lot of work ! But then it's done and out of the way. Your MIL is really very lucky that you do so much for her !

  7. Hope the moves goes well - this cannot be easy for anybody!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. hope them goes well and the connected things stay connected and work first time... a long day and a tough day. i know you will all be glad to have moving day in the past.


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