Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Birding in South Africa is fun!

Over the weekend, while we sat and chatted with our visitors or when we took a walk around the area with them, of course, I managed to capture several birds on camera.  

It was interesting to note some of the birds going off their breeding plumage (like the Malachite Sunbird, male); others having raised and "kicked" their large, strange off-spring out of the nest (Cape Sparrow)  or a youngster trying out his newly discovered voice. (Common Fiscal) 
Common Fiscal (Intermediate - we think)

Cape Sparrow (Female) after [unknowingly]  raising a Diderick Cuckoo , taking a well-deserved rest
Malachite Sunbird (Eclipse Male)
Hopefully a better angle to see the Malachite Sunbird in eclipse breeding plumage

Malachite Sunbird (Female)

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Wishing all birders happy birding and all other bloggers a happy Wednesday! 


  1. Beautiful photos, and your header is gorgeous. :) Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

  2. But of course you would see beautiful birds while out walking about. I have yet to see a Malachite Sunbird.

  3. Love the Malachite Sunbird! So brightly colored!

  4. Those male Malechite Sunbirds are really striking! Nice set of bird photos Jo!

  5. Lovely set of bird shots and I love the long tail of the Malachite Sunbird

  6. Such wonderful photos of these beautiful birds ! Just fantastic shots !

  7. The Robins are getting a little frisky over here. It's finally above freezing.

  8. The bill on the Sunbird is incredible.

  9. that sun bird is gorgeous and i like the Malachite to.. the green looks like emeralds.

  10. Of course we don't have sunbirds or anything much like that family of birds. So that it good to see yours and imagine how your seasons are different to our own.

  11. A really beautiful bird! It's fun to see birds from Africa. Great shots!

  12. Hi Jo, Isn't it amazing how many different types of birds there are in different places around our world? You captured some beauties. Interesting how different the male and female Sunbirds are, from each other.



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