Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend of 8 March 2015

During the week Grant and I celebrated our wedding anniversary; the 43rd. 

I woke up on Wednesday, 4th March and waited... and waited...
Grant didn't say a word, so I kept quiet too.

When Rina joined me for tea in the kitchen, she wished me and I told her to keep mum. I wanted to see when Grant realized it was our anniversary.

By the time he came out of the room, Rina was busy baking a milk tart. She told him that I, Jo, felt like something sweet. 

Still nothing...

During the day Rina and I kept dropping hints. Grant didn't catch a thing which of course, made us giggle. He'd keep asking what the joke was...

I phoned my MIL, Pam and Pienkie and invited them to tea that afternoon. I said I'd fetch them a few minutes before three. After lunch we set the table on the patio. Grant asked who was coming to tea. I just smiled, got into the car and returned with his mum and Pienkie.

Rina brought out the milk tart and cut it into 22 squares. I said to Grant, pity Rina didn't cut the tart into 43 pieces. He looked me quizzically. Of course, Rina got the giggles. 

Then she said: Grant, congratulations. It's your big day! Even then he had no clue what she was talking about. Until I told him! 

He was so embarrassed. He's never forgotten our wedding anniversary. But not being in his office, he's lost track of the date; hence forgetting our anniversary.  

Oh well!

Once we'd taken the old ladies back to the center, Amanda sent the children over to visit.  
Joel and Abby enjoying milk and cookies at Gran's house
On Friday Grant unearthed his Australia hat (note corks hanging from brim) which he gave to John, the gardener

On Saturday Rina's daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter arrived from the nearby town of Welkom. Angus, Amanda and children came over from next door, and we all enjoyed the ubiquitous BBQ. 
Rina's daughter, Melony, our DIL Amanda, Rina's granddaughter, Anke and our grandson, Joel
Joel and Anke clicked immediately
Little Abby, who turned three on Monday
Cutey Liam, eight weeks old today, being held by Melony

We had a great week, a wonderful weekend and are ready for the challenge of moving MIL from her rented flat into the unit we had built for her! 

May you all have a prosperous, safe and healthy week.


  1. cute you two giggling all day long as grant remained clueless. :) happy anniversary to you both.

  2. Poor Grant, you ladies are terrible to him, he must have felt awful, but it did you all good giggles! Loved seeing all the family and I hope all will going well moving Pam on Tuesday. Have a great week.

  3. Life is busy with family and friends. It must be nice to be so close to the grandchildren. They are adorable.

  4. Great post Jo! I congratulate you and Grant on 43 blessed years of togetherness. It is a real achievement in this day and age and the two of you are still young with ages to go yet. I chuckled at Grant's forgetfulness but understood exactly where he is at. He is so totally discombobulated without his regular routine. I am glad you were able to spend your special day with loved ones and I wish you well on moving Pam into her new flat. xx

  5. That's something Mr. G. never forgets ! In our case I do ! Each year ! Even our son calls us to congratulate each year, fortunately by then I know what day it was to get a flower bouquet, lol ! Great family gathering ! What a difference to the Tanzanian life !

  6. Happy 43rd Anniversary, Jo.. Maybe Grant has a lot on his mind lately..I love the photos of your family and the cute grandkids.. They are adorable, especially baby Liam. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  7. Liam is such a doll baby. all you grand kids are precious...and so cute... ha ha on Grant... i was the one who forgot ours in Feb.. i used the not knowing the date excuse to... a few years ago, both of us forgot ours anniversary until 2 days later.

  8. You are always celebrating something. I like that, shows such joy in your lives. I sympathize with Grant, without my calender I'd never know what day it is.


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